Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks

Richard asks…

what is volume on the stock market?

Usually when you pick a stock symbol it includes price and volume. What is Volume?

John answers:

Total number of shares traded on all exchanges that trade that security.

Steven asks…

Why does the finance page not display the stocks in my portfolios?

I have 3 portfolios with stocks picked but when I load the page it does not list the stocks. I get this message:
No fields are selected for this view. Please edit the view to select the fields to display.

John answers:

The only place I have found to get the attention on a Yahoo staff member to look at your problem is to place your query in the category ‘Yahoo Products,’ subcategory ‘Yahoo Finance.’ Then you have an 85% chance to get the attention of and an answer by a Yahoo staff member.

Jenny asks…

Does it surprise people that Tampa Bays Rays are this good?

The rays have always been a last-place team until the 08 season. So why all the accolades and hype now? Because all the top draft picks they stocked up during those years. Personally I am not surprised the Rays are this good right now, matter of fact, they are supposed to be. Let’s see if they will make playoffs for the next 10 years.

John answers:

Of course not. Almost every year getting a top 5 draft pick. If there not this good, they fail

Daniel asks…

What is the best book to learn about the basics of stocks?

I’m thinking about investing in stocks but I really need to find some good books about the wall street and how it works, what are some rules for buying/selling stocks, some of the common terms, etc. (Essentially all the basic information I need to know before I jump into the pool) Thanks for your help!

John answers:

Start by just doing some searches online, dont waste money on books all the information is available for free online, run some searches like stocks, buying stocks, shorting stocks, opening a brokerage account, how to pick a stock to buy, almost every company you heard of is related to what is called a ticker, if you go to yahoo finance or google finance type in a company name and you can get its ticker, a ticker is the symbol a stock is called by, example yahoo’s ticker is yhoo, google is gog, microsoft is msft, then you can search the tickers in google or yahoo and get information on a company and see if you want to buy it.

When your ready to buy some stocks open a account online like with etrade, ameritrade, scottrade, go to there websites and see which one is best for you, then put money in the acct and they all have help lines unitl you get use to it, they can walk you through buying the companies you want.

Dont waste your money on books, that extra 25 dollars can buy you 2 extra shares of BAC (bank of America) or 8 shares of C ( citibank)

good luck and happy investing

James asks…

What is the main difference between investing in stock market and gambling?

Lets say you buy some stocks and after a month or so your money gets doubled. Would you not morally feel bad about the money that you got from stock market without doing a thing? Would you feel it is similar to gambling? Can one say that just because there is some science behind stock market the money that some gets out of stock market is more legit?

John answers:

In most gambling, you are at a numerical disadvantage, and only luck determines if you win or lose – most of the time, you lose. In investing, an intelligent, diligent investor can consistently make a profit with a carefully chosen and researched portfolio of investments. Investing does entail some risks, but these can be minimized, and with intelligent investing, the numbers favor the investor.

You are mistaken if you believe that you get money from the stock market, “without doing a thing.” Investors who consistently make money need to do research, paperwork, and accounting. Picking random stocks might not be any work, and that really is gambling, but it isn’t really investing. Real investing means keeping track of how the market is performing, reading trade magazines and newspapers, researching the stocks you want to invest in, learning about market conditions, and a variety of other things. A good investor needs to have a lot of knowledge and a do a lot of work.

You seem to have an idea that the stock market is somehow immoral, or that the money people earn from stocks should make them feel bad. This is not the case. In fact, investing in the stock market is a beneficial thing for a lot of people, and for the economy in general. When you invest in a stock, you are effectively loaning that company your money, so that they are able to better do business. Companies sell stock in order to raise money to buy new manufacturing plants, hire new employees, research new technology, and any number of other business ventures. Investing in stocks gives an average person the ability to help a company grow.

In return for your investment, you hope that the company will continue to do well, which will make the company worth more money, and will in turn cause your investment to be worth more. Some companies actively encourage investors by paying out a dividend to people who buy their stock.

So while there are risks involved in stock market investing, it is not the same thing as gambling. Gambling is giving your money to a casino or lottery and hoping that against all odds, you might win more back. Investing in the stock market is researching companies which you would like to support, and watching them do well enough that your investment returns you more money than you put in. There certainly isn’t anything to be ashamed of in that.

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