Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks

John asks…

When picking stocks i should pick ones with EPS of no higher than 20 but what minimum?

0 EPS is dealing with penny stocks right. So should i deal with stocks of 2EPS-20EPS. Whats the min and max for EPS on stocks?

John answers:

EPS is Earnings per Share and there really is no range.
You can have something like zero EPS which indicates that the company is not making a profit and could very possibley be loosing money.

Or you could have something as high as $8000 or more, like Berkshire Hathaway:

Michael asks…

Who is your favorite person who picks stocks?

I mainly choose stocks on my own but, to me the best person is Ken Fisher. He has an overall great track record. I think that cramer is ok but Fisher puts more time in his research than cramer does becuase he does not run a show and has to quickly look over companies.

John answers:


Susan asks…

does smartrend really work for picking the right stocks?

does smartrend really work for picking the right stocks for u? it costs like $100 a month so im wondering if it really work?

John answers:

Don’t trust those smart-trend scams. The people in charge always promise the customer that they will tell them what to buy, when to buy, and at what price AFTER they have already bought the stock. Then they either never tell you when to sell it or they tell you way later AFTER they have sold the stock.

William asks…

If 80% of actively managed mutual funds perform bellow market average, why are we still doing this?

I watch TV, there’s a ton of ‘analysts’ picking stocks, making predictions, or just plain clowns like Kramer. What is the point of this steam blowing, there’s an 80% chance they’re wrong.
Well, goggle ‘canadian business couch potato’. If someone has no time they buy index funds. Even if they do have time and pick them carefully, chances are they’ll fail to beat s&p in 80% of cases 🙂

John answers:

Go with index or growth stock funds.

Carol asks…

If I randomly pick stocks, what’s my approximate chance of gaining money?

I heard that if I get a monkey to choose stocks for me, I can make 7% a year on average. Is this true?

John answers:

Are you really that gullible….?

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