Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks

Mary asks…

What are the stock rear end gears in a 68 chevy caprice 4dr?

I have a 68 4dr chevy caprice w/ 327. The engine is bored 30over hi performance cam, Compression is 9 to 1,and a nice carb. It also have a 10 inch rear end with the stock gears. I’m trying to upgrade the gears but I do not know how to pick the right gear size.

John answers:

The stock rear end ratio with the Powerglide is probably a 2.78. Depending on how you expect to drive the car, and what kind of highway mileage and manners you are looking for, a 3.55 to a 3.73 will be what ratio you are looking for and still be streetable, without overrevving on the highway.

George asks…

How do knights pick their horses for war and jousting?

Ok, I’m working on a project and I cannot find any information on cavalry about how to pick their horses and speed and weight and if anyone can help, I will reward you with best answer and full 10 points and 5 stars. Thank You. 😀

John answers:

Most warhorses were bred from pedigreed lines in order to provide mounts of size, power, and even temperament that would not spook in battle. If a nobleman or his family had been in power for any real length of time they would purchase horses for those qualities, and train and breed them to produce superior warhorses. Private stables also did the same thing, providing stock for purchase and also stud service. Noblemen would interbreed their stock as well in order to keep the lines from stagnating. Only the best were picked for breeding, and this simple plan of eugenics resulted in horses able to carry the increasing weight of armor.
It wasn’t hit and miss – the Lords of the medieval era and even before that knew how to breed a good horse. Simple as that.

Sharon asks…

How should one select a company to invest in?

How to pick between a big, commerical company or a smaller local business?

John answers:

The general rule of thumb is to take your time. Study the companies, and think how long it took you to get that money were you want to invest it, and remember that the stock market is really a gamble. Don’t loose your money. If you hire a broker watch him closely, do not give him carte blanche, to do what they want. If you are an agressive investor and can afford to take a loss go for the more volatile instruments if you are not then go for municipal or government bonds, with a long term yield. Invest in mutual funds that stand for the values of what you belive in, help those companies grow, ie. If you don’t like the tobacco industry don’t invest in funds that are related to them.

Ifyou don’t like this advise then investments is not your game.

Ken asks…

What stocks should I pick to be the most successful?

We have to do this stock project in econ class, whoever has the most money at the end wins and if you win you get a guaranteed A in the class..I believe, or its something close to that.

We have $100,000 to buy 3 different stocks. My friend told me to pick stocks in the 3 different industries. Can someone please help me pick my stocks??? And the number of shares. Thanks. Remember I’m trying to win.

John answers:

There’s a lot of resources online about specific industries as well as individual stocks. For a whole bunch of different models to get recommendations, see for example.

The general approach is to narrow it down first by industry or sector, and then identify a strong stock in each.

Strong sectors right now include chemicals, electronics, information technology, and industrials, and health care.

Here are a few specific stocks to consider:

Health care: Amgen, Bioscrip, Abbott Laboratories, and Cerner.

Chemicals: Minerals Technology, Mosaic Company

Information Technology: Dell, Avnet, Accenture

Miscellaneous (regardless of sector): Boeing, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Chesapeake Energy, Cigna, Dollar General, Genon Energy, and Staples.

There: That’s a manageable list. Do your research. Then, as your friend suggests, don’t select more than one stock in any one industry or sector.

Hope that helps. And let us know how your project turns out.

Mandy asks…

Stock broker position required, where can i find a stock brokers position ?

I am almost perfect at picking stocks whether going up or down.
There are lots of stock brokers who lose money all the time. My current job only brings in enough to pay bills so i have no money left over to open my own trading account. I just need someone out there to give me a chnance to prove myself. I could give my picks to someone who is in charge at an investing firm and he or she would see i have skill. Will i ever get a chance to prove myself????

John answers:

You question was ansewered earlier but I’ll try one more time

Stock brokers, for the most part, do not and can not pick the stock that are recommended to their clients.

No firm will hire a trader without experience, especially to trade stocks for their firm.

Paper trading is not real trading, no firm will hire you based soley on your paper trading abilities.

If you are so good at picking stocks, why don’t you trade for yourself and make some money. If you want it bad enough, or think you’re good enough you can always find ways of getting money to get started

You didn’t like my last response to you, and you won’t like this one but it is telling you like it is,

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