Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks

Thomas asks…

Looking for a Yahoo Finance link to a James Glassman column on 2007 stock picks. Does anyone have this link?

Earlier this year, there was a link on Yahoo Finance to a James Glassman column (it may have been in the on-line version of Fortune magazine, I can’t remember) where he had a list of stocks that looked promising for growth in 2007. I am trying to access the column again and can’t find it. Does anyone know if it is still available, and if so, how I get it?

John answers:

Try these

They both worked for me.

Ruth asks…

How to learn technical analysis?

Hi can you please tell me how to learn technical analysis of share market?on what basis the stock prices of a particular company are predicted?what are the reliable websites for stock picks?

John answers:

Visit or

Contact us at

Daniel asks…

How do you choose your mutual funds in your 401k?

I don’t have too many choices (about 10) – I do know that I want to be aggressive and pick all stock funds as I am young. What kind of things should I look out for? Expense ratios? Managers? Large/Mid/Small cap funds?

Thanks so much…

John answers:

For the long term go for an S&P 500 Index fund. This is the standard that most managed funds try and beat. Index funds typically have lower expense ratio’s also. Whatever you do not invest in a fund over 1.5% expense ratio. It will eat into your profits. If possible try and stay below 1%. In the long run nothing will outperform the S&P 500 index!

I read this in some finance article once:

30% Foreign
10% Midcap
60% Large Cap/Blend/Growth

Linda asks…

Are sites like Motley Fool worth it to get advice on stock investing?

I am new to stock investing and want to try and find some good advice in purchasing stocks. And yes I understand the basics but how do you find some good stock picks? I am not looking to make huge $$$ overnight but invest for the future.

John answers:

Motley Fool is as good as any other site that touts investments,

But if you were to ask 10 analysts their opinion about given stocks you would get 15 different answers, Analysts do not have outstanding records when it comes to selecting investments,

Most sites have to speak in generalities, and can not give specific advice to investors. It would be in your best interest to learn for yourself about selecting investments, then you can select what suits your needs.

Here’s some sites that you should at least review to see if you can find something that fits your needs

Mark asks…

where i can i watch and compare stocks?

I just started reading a few books on stocks and i want to know where i can watch stocks for free and compare quarterly earnings to the earnings of the previous year, i don’t actually want to start trading yet i just want to pick a few stocks and do some dry runs to see how i do, i just don’t know where i can compare quarterly earnings and just get all the information i need

John answers:

You are looking for a stock simulator that has the quarterly and yearly financials. TDAmeritrade and Investopedia are okay if you want to have advertisements and pop ups all over the page. I use a new service called SprinkleBit. It combines everything you need from a standard virtual trading platform(portfolio, financials, news, etc.) with the information sharing and community aspects of social media.
There are plenty of free platforms that will give you the information and trading simulator you want but I believe SprinkleBit brings something more to the table.

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