Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks

Ruth asks…

How to find more profitable stocks?

I can currently find profitable stocks.. but sometimes the stocks I pick take forever to gain much profit.. and then some of them make me huge profits in a few weeks.

How can I determine and find only the stocks that are going to make me money the quickest rather than slowly inch there way up over months

I am a swing trader so this would really help me out alot

Yes I use charts

John answers:

Sounds like what you currently do works very well. Unfortunately, whatever method you choose is driven by market forces – a stock that every analyst in the world says is a screaming buy may sit at the same level for months. On the flip side, stocks that are a “sell” have increased 100%+ in a matter of days (i.e. Due to a favorable news release).

Only option I can see would involve taking a higher level of risk, but then your risk of loss is increased substantially as well. This has worked well for me (i.e. Citibank) and poorly (i.e. GM).

Betty asks…

How do I create an Ajax or Flash widget or badge for my site that shows the total value of my portfolio?

I want to put a small box on my site that shows the latest prices of my own little stock index of about 20 stock picks. It would need to get the latest prices from somewhere, calculate my weightings, and present the up-to-date price of the total index.

How do I do this?

The Yahoo Finance Badge doesn’t show the full value of the portfolio/index, just the individual stocks.


John answers:

There’s probably an RSS feed you could use, some blogging sites will display this for you, just tell it the URL to download.

I’m not an Ajax expert, but I’ve played with it, and this is certainly a good time to use it, I think. Google (or yahoo!) XmlHttpRequest and you’ll get lots of info on how to use it.

The hardest part about Ajax is that you can’t communicate with a 3rd party server, due to security restrictions in modern browsers. So your ajax code can only communicate with the domain it came from. Because of this you’ll need to store the RSS feed on your site and read it from there, or make a proxy on your site that just pulls the RSS feed down and returns it.

Then you’d use your XmlHttpRequest object (on the client side) to get the feed, parse it, and update a div on your page with the info.

Maybe there’s an easier way, but this is how I do this kind of stuff.

George asks…

how can I tell if the stocks I picked will make me money?

I put money into Sharebuilder, but now don’t know now if I did the right thing. How can I make sure if I did the right think. Is there a way to know for sure if my stocks that i picked will make me money , I have mcdonalds, exxon, marathon, Procter& Gamble , steel company, biofuel, and a couple of others, What do I need to do to make big money? Please let me know.

John answers:

If you want to make big money, you will have to start with big money for no one is giving anything away at the moment. One never knows if the picks will be profitable. You hope that those in which you have made investments are the leaders in their field, innovators and financially responsible companies. You also want them to be somewhat shareholder oriented.

Paul asks…

Out of these stocks which ones should I make the most money off of?

We have this project for class and we have to pick stocks..Whoever has the most money at the end wins an A. AND HOW MANY SHARES OF EACH SHOULD I BUY?

We have to choose 3!!!

I was going to pick from these:

John answers:

You mentioning Bioscrip (BIOS) rang a bell for me because I traded that stock and I always made money with it – make sure you buy BIOS a few days after a huge drop – I think there will be a correction soon lowering the price of BIOS to less than $5. Beware.

Source: I trade stocks and write about stocks at

William asks…

Junior mining stocks – top picks?

This is a great little article from Dominic, and I’m very keen on junior miners, considering commodity prices are still rising with no end in sight!

So does anyone else have any junior mining stock picks?

John answers:

Ferexpo looks like a class act.

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