Your Questions About How To Invest Money

Susan asks…

how to invest money in us stock market from europe online?

how to invest money in us stock market from europe online?

any websites?

John answers:

Open an account in (Yes, you can open an account there even if you are not an American)

Michael asks…

How much money should I invest to get 350$ in 3 years?

Ok i want to get 350$ when I’m 18 which is in about 3 years. So I want to invest money now to get to that 350$ but My question is how much money do I need. i live in rhode island and their tax rate is about 7 percent if that helps. Also how do I invest it?

John answers:

What you should do is get a general savings account at your bank. And put $10 per month in it. This will net you $360 in 3 years. (plus the tiny amount of interest it will accrue over 3 years) Also the tax rate you talked about is sales tax…which is totally different. Saving account interest is usually in tenths of a percent.

If you want to get exact…to get $350 you can put $9.72 in the bank each month (or $2.25 a week) 😉

Mary asks…

How to invest money in Canada?

Can you make any profit from 1000$, and what is good way to invest it, and where?

John answers:

One way is to buy a basket of Canadian stocks, by buying the ETF, symbol EWC. You can buy it through any on-line broker.

If you live in Canada, you may just want to purchase a Certificate of Deposit from your local bank.

Carol asks…

How to invest money in share market?

I am thinking of stepping into this swamp of shares. Never tried before. So would you please guide me to know how it works?

John answers:

Hi buddy !!

My sincere advice is please hold on for now and please give a gap to invest in share market.

Go through daily market news, observe the markets, be wise and then when you feel confident, then come up to invest.

Follow market news, its important before you invest because later when you loose anything, you just cant blame any one nor that anybody could help you.

Thomas asks…

how can i invest money in video company and how much do i need to start investing?

John answers:

Video company? Do you mean like Netflix, a company that rents videos, ticker NFLX price about 31.40, or a company that produces video cameras, like Canon , ticker CAJ price about 49.00, or a company that produces commercial videos like Time Warner, ticker TWX price about 14.60.

The brokerage commission is about $7.00 to $10.00 to buy or sell a stock so you want to invest enough money so that the commission to buy and sell does not take too large a portion of your investment, not over about 5% maximum. That would mean you should invest at least $400. You can open an account with Scottrade for $500. I do not believe that TD Ameritrade has a minimum but I am not certain on that point.

Here is the link to Scottrade

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