Your Questions About How To Invest Money

Richard asks…

How do I invest my money?

I have never invested money into anything my entire life, and now I am curious as to how to do so. I have very little money up front and would like to start looking into investing as I get more saved up. What would be the best place for me to start investing that would be easy for me to learn from and monitor myself? Thank you in advance for any information.

John answers:

Mutual funds are answer to your problem.If you want to learn about them.You can search for it at Money Search Engine ( )

Donald asks…

How should I invest money with the current economic situation? I have around $15,000 to save?

What is good? Money Market, CD’s, Stock, Bonds, High Yield Savings, etc?

John answers:

It all depends on how you want to save. Do you want it for long term investments, like retirement savings? Will you need it in a few years to purchase a house or property? Bonds and CD’s are safer, although it takes a long time to get any return and even then, the return is minimal. The stock market fluctuates, as we have all seen, so if you do choose this, you do have the opportunity to make money (or lose it) rather quickly. If stocks are what interests you, I highly recommend talking with a broker about what stocks are safe now, and which would be best for you and your needs. All of these are good options, but it depends on the when you will need the money, how much you want to make from these, and various other factors…..good luck to you.

Carol asks…

i want to start invest money in indian stock market how can i start?

i want to know how to start this business can u give information of indian stock market which shres is best to invest

John answers:

many people already commented regarding this earlier… I think better you get a book and study …. Or check the earlier comments. You can search in the yahoo answers…

Any way do four things:

1. Get an account with Sharekhan / anandraathi / ICICI direct etc..
2. Invest some money.
3. See their prediction and buy shares…
4. This is is foremost important ; there is a website called , login here and sign up. Its free of cost. U play here for few months. Then u can uderstand the techniques.

All the best

George asks…

Which is the cheapest but profitable company to invest money in?

I have about 2 grand and am looking to invest I just dont know where and how

John answers:

If you dont know where and how to invest money in then do what I have done. Invest in someones business to get the highest returns.
You need to be careful if you do not want to be scamed, and lose your money.

I’m not a financial guru, but I am getting around 50% annual interest. I can help you to invest your money with no risk in a way that best suits your needs.
E-mail me more information about your plans and needs, and I’ll give you a good advice. Check my profile.

Good luck!

Sharon asks…

How to invest money for retirement?

If you received $75,000 in an unexpected inheritance, how would you invest it to receive max returns for retirement in 10 yrs?

John answers:

Is everyone dying, cause this is the 3rd inheritance question I have read in the last 30 minuets.

I would really seek a professional with 10-15 years experience in the business for advice.

1. Traditional IRA? No. Small tax benefit now, but 100% of withdraws are taxed as ordinary income at future tax rates. Do you think taxes will be higher or lower in the future? Nuff said.

2. Instead, consider opening a ROTH IRA. Max out each year. Tax free withdraws on principle after 5 years and no income tax on gains after retirement 59 1/2. Get a no fee account such as with

3. Dollar Cost Average in the S&P 500 Index (no load fund or stock symbol “SPY”). Reinvest ALL dividends in the S&P 500. This is key for making money long term in the index!


Avoid Gold. According to Chase Global Digest, Gold is the second worst performing investment class after diamonds.

If you bought gold 28 years ago, you are about ($100-150 gain -whoopie!!!) from where you bought it, technically at a loss, because inflation ate away buying power.

If you invested in the S&P 500 Index 28 years ago you would have multiplied your money many times over.

You need a 10+ year time frame when investing in broad market indexes.

Looking for short term safety?

US Treasury Bills and US Treasury Bonds.

Buy directly from US Government (no fees). Principle Guaranteed by US Government. Unlike a bank CD, there is No federal income tax on US Treasuries.


If you have other income, the best thing you could do if you could work it out is to buy a bank owned home that is selling 40-50% below current market.

1. You have a place to live.
2. In 10-15 years the property should have increased.
3. Tax deduction benefits.

This is a rare opportunity to buy distressed property. I wouldn’t buy any home, only a distressed short sale or bank repo that is (again) 40-50% below current market. A good aggressive real estate agent can help negotiate.

I would prob put the money into US Treasuries for 30 days and do nothing. Then get sound advice.

Please just don’t start aggressive investing, speculating, trading, getting into Forex, gold, buying coins, jewelry, buying a new car, or some other worthless or risky, or historically poor investment.

You have one chance to make a good sound decision. Do you want the money to last or blow it on what’s hot now?

Good Luck!

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