Your Questions About How To Invest Money

Charles asks…

How do I invest money that I planning to buy a home with in 3-6 yrs?

Trying to match or beat national returns for real estate .I plan to use ETFs. This is not downpayment money (ie first 20%) but money above and beyond that. Just curious as to allocations, and I could always get a bigger mortgage and wait to withdraw if the market dropped significantly right before buying. Right now Im thinking

Domestic Dividend ETF 25%
International Dividend ETF 35%
Utilities ETF 6%
Intermed Corp Bond ETF 18%

Any suggestions appreciated especially from those significantly experienced in financial planning.

John answers:

Invest in the index funds with 2-3 years horizon. You should get reasonable tax free returns over 5-7% above inflation.

Betty asks…

How to invest money in something?

How to make money from investing, so what I mean is how do I put an invest in something like lets say a new game or an movie is about to release can I invest in it if not then what and is it a good idea. And much would I get back.

John answers:

Can use scottrade Choose “Referred by a friend” and enter Coupon Code ZKJY0395 for three free trades (for sure) might get 7 depend on when you use this coupon

Ken asks…

How should a 14 year old invest money?

I have some money and I won’t to turn it into even more money… But how?

Ive herd the idea of investing into arcade machines but there a bit to expensive.

John answers:

All minor invest every were but one guardian require for handel the money.

Sharon asks…

Saving money – how do I do it? How do I invest money when I havent got much to begin with?

I am almost living paycheck to paycheck. How can I invest wisely and get ahead?

John answers:

First figure out your bills to see how much is left. Then figure out your living expenses(gas, electricity, food) after that look at your total and commit to saving money in a different account, or set up a withdrawl plan to put your money in a investment account so you can earn better interrest on your hard earned money.

Sandy asks…

How Can I invest money in the NYSE????

I would like to invest money wisely in the stock market, can you please give me some advise and tell me if you recommend it?

John answers:

NYX is very pricey. It is a hot new stock. I believe there is a great deal of risk in this stock.

A wise way for a beginning investor to begin is to invest in a mutual fund or an index fund. That way you get diversity of investments with a small a amount of investment. In other words if you buy one stock and it does not prove to be a good investment, it will ruin you whole experience. If you buy a portfolio of investments, which is what a mutual fund is, than if one or even a dozen of their holdings prove not to be good, you will not suffer greatly, if at all. Their other investments might prove excellent and cancel out the bad ones and still show a good return. Not all mutual funds are good however. Some are and some are not. But Yahoo provides a decent screen of mutual funds that one can use to find ones with good long term records.

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