Your Questions About How To Invest Money

Mark asks…

Trying to figure out how to invest money for my sons future?

I am trying to figure out the best way to invest money for my sons future. He is ten month old right now. I don’t know much about investing money so any information could help.

John answers:

I can suggest following things from my experience.

1) 529 good option for college education

You can obtain tons of information by searching on above fields. They have tax advantages depending upon your financial condition. Please remember, during financial aid calculation, kids name money taken into consideration. It is 35%.

John asks…

Best way to invest money for retirement?

Hello I am a 27 year old male wanting to discover some helpful tips on a safe and secure way to lead myself down the path of retirement. I currently only make $12 per hour and can only save $100 a week. I would like to receive some advice on how to invest this money for when I need it later in life. I don’t plan on making this amount of money my entire working career but its what is my wage currently. Thank you for your response.

John answers:

Buy silver bullion find a local coin dealer . The way the banking system is robbing people right now is disgraceful.

Charles asks…

how i can invest money on share market and what is the procedure to deal in share market .?

i am freshers and have no basic knowldge about share market . so how i can invest my money in share market . What i do for purchase and sale of share of any company. I live in India and citizenship of india.In which bank i open a demat account so that i get maximum rewards. By how much amount is sufficient for being investing in sahare market .

John answers:


You are an fresher in a share market and want the advice for this.Firstly do you know what the share market is ?when did it start?or the companies which were in the listings of bse in india?what was the bse sensex when it started?

You may or may not know the answers for all the above questions,ill tell u bse had started in the year 1980’s where there were only 30 companies in the listing and it started with 100 points.But look at todays sensex points it has reached to the peaks overtaking 15,000 points.

If at all you want to open a demat account you should never open it from banks coz they dont give the proper preference to the demat account holders and also they charge high brokarage.Comparing to that I would advice you to open your demat account from Indiainfolines.It is the share broking company which charges low brokerage charge @ 0.40 delivery and 0.04 for intra day.Never ever try to go for the F&o segment as you are new to the market coz this will undertake the earth benith you.F&O is nothing but Futures & options Or also know as Intra day.Where in you need to buy and sell the shares before the closing bell at any cost may or may not be in profits. For further details u can mail me.

Thomas asks…

Ideas on good ways to invest money?

Does anyone have any good ideas on how to invest some money I have. I want an investment vehicle that has no potential for loss. Stocks can lose value, mutual funds also…

Besides a Certificate of Deposit, a Savings account, or US Treasury Securities, any other ideas?

John answers:

No potential for loss, limits you to your ideas + money market accounts.

Linda asks…

I would like to know hot to invest money?

I’ve been saving some money, and I would really like to invest it or open some kind of account that will end up giving me some interest. However, i don’t know much about how to invest. Can you give me some advise on how to invest money or open a CD account or something. I really want to make my money grow. I don’t have that much money, but I do want to save for when i’m old. What do you suggest?

John answers:

I assume you are a young investor?….when I was young I selected a good growth stock Mutual Fund and made small monthly contributions (This is called dollar cost averaging). Since I was young and making small contributions ….The ups and downs of the market did not matter to me…I just kept investing over time and the cost basis of my shares went down over time.

In other words…you average into the market over time…this is different than older people (like me) who have retirement savings (lump sums) in the market…we can’t take a chance of the market tanking and loosing lots of money…we don’t have a lifetime to make it back.

If you are a young investor….try dollar cost averaging into the stock market and continue to learn about the market. The knowledge you gain will pay you many times over during your lifetime. Good luck.

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