Your Questions About How To Invest Money

Helen asks…

How much money did you invest in each fund?

You invested money in two funds. Last year, the first fund paid a dividend of 8% and the second a divident of 5%, and you received a total of $1339 in interest. This year, the first fund paid a 12% dividend and the second only 2%, and you received a total of $1500 in interest. How much money did you invest in each fund

I don’t get the question. If you don’t want to answer the problem, you could at least explain so that I’ll know how to solve it.

John answers:

1. Define variables. X is money in first fund; y is money in second fund.
2. Set up 2 equations, one for each year (changing percents to decimals):

0.08x + 0.05y = 1339
0.12x + 0.02y = 1500

3. Next, you need to cancel out one variable. Multiply the first equation by two, for 0.10y, and the second equation by negative 5, to get 0.10y

0.16x + 0.10y = 2678
-0.60x – 0.10y = 7500
The (y’s) cancel out.

4. Solve for X

a)0.16 – 0.60x = 2678 – 7500
b)-0.44x = -4822
c) x = 10950.09

5. Plug this value back into an original equation.
0.12 (10950.09) + 0.02y = 1500
1314.01 + 0.02y = 1500
0.02y = 185.99
y= 9299.5

6. The Answer
You invested $10950.09 in the first fund and $ 9299.50 in the second fund.

Susan asks…

How do you invest money in stocks like what steps to take?

How do you invest money in stocks in what are the steps to take like how much money to start off with in who should I contact to talk about investing

John answers:

There is no set minimum amount of money needed to start investing. Yes, many broker firms have minimum deposits, but there are some out there that do not have any minimum requirements at all. I currently use Firstrade and they do not require any minimum deposits. However, I do think that you need some amount of cash or else your commission costs will be eating away your profits. On the other hand, knowing that you are a first-time investor, I would discourage you from investing too much money to avoid great losses. Test the water. Gain some experience before jumping in. To start investing, pick an online brokerage firm and contact them. If you want to learn more about Firstrade, you can visit their website:

George asks…

How do you invest money without stocks?

I don’t understand the whole stock thing, so i got to thinking: how ELSE can one invest money for the long haul as well as short term?

Would EE bonds be a good way to start? How else should I invest without stupidly risking my money?

John answers:

You can invest in gold, silver, bonds, CD’s or Savings bonds. If you are looking for safety, savings bonds are the safest. If you invest in regular bonds, you have to know what you are doing. EE Savings bonds are a terrible investment, very little return, BUT your money is safe.

Paul asks…

How can I invest money now for my future?

I’m 15 years old, I have $50 right now and I want to invest it and make money for my future. Where do I invest it and how? Thanks.

John answers:

I wish I would have started investing when I was your age! I am 25 years old and just understanding how to make money work for me through savings and investing in stock, bonds, and mutual funds. The first step for you to invest your money would be to open a savings account through a bank that offers a high rate of return at least 4.5%. There are many of them you can research online, etrade, ing direct, hsbc, etc. These banks have alot higher rate of returns than your standard banks like wells fargo or us bank. I currently have an account with etrade with a 5.05% rate of return. You should leave your invested money in there for a few years adding to it whenever possible and watch it grow in amount. I recomend etrade because you can have a savings account with them and later on when you have enough money open an account to start investing your money. The website is pretty standard to use but I would call a rep. To help you get started. After a few years you should have enough kowledge to understand how investing works and make yourself money!!

Maria asks…

Where to invest money in Delhi for a good return?

Hey Please suggest me that how to invest a amount of money in something in Delhi and get a good return out of it.

Like i live in Delhi and i want to invest around 10k to 15k in anything but secure and i want that i get almost same amount of return every month i.e., 10k to 15k.
Is there anything in Delhi in which i can invest and i get return securely.

John answers:

Any where in the world as on to day’s condition better to deposit on FD on any of the Nationalised bank.

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