Your Questions About How To Invest Money

James asks…

Good place for me to invest money?

I’ve heard its important to get started early on the financial game. I make 200$ a week and I dont have any expenses I need to pay for. Ill have an additional 300$ in the next month. I would like to invest my money and see how much i can make, but i dont want much risk.
Where could I put my money (if i want to withdraw it [seeing a very noticeable profit] in many years?)

John answers:

We cannot answer your question specifically. You must MUST plan this all out.
1) Choose your financial objectives
Define your objectives, set a time limit
2) Choose an asset class
3) Match your financial objective with the asset class
4) Spread your risk by using asset allocation (If you do not know asset allocation is, do not take any risks into buying stocks or mutual funds – usually beginners do not start in those areas) Asset allocation is basically minimizing your risks by buying investments in different areas of investment like GICS, Bonds, Mutual funds, stocks…

Sandy asks…

Why don’t high schools teach students how to invest money?

They didn’t at my school.
Seems like a pretty important skill to teach the students.

John answers:

Ours does but we have an academy of finance.

Lizzie asks…

Should government invest money in after-school programs to reduce to rise of gangs ? How and explain why!?

I have often thought about this subject and was wondering if anyone else agreed!

John answers:

Yes. Communities with good after school programs for teenagers and children have less gang related activities, although it doesn’t completely earse the problem.

I think its a great idea, as it keeps kids off the street and gives them a safe, supervised setting to walk into and look forward to after school.

There need to be a varity of things to do to appeal to larger numbers of children too.

Susan asks…

How to invest money in stocks and bonds?..its pros and cons? Is it hard to become a shareholder?

John answers:

Find something you want to buy, set up an internet brokerage account, submit your bank information, transfer money, buy.

Congrats you’re officially a shareholder.

Joseph asks…

how can i invest money into a stock ?

Hello , I am 21 years old and I’m interested in putting some money into a stock . I’m not sure which one I should invest in ( being as though there are so many ) any ideas ? What do you think the average cost for one would be ? How would I get started on this ? Do I have to consult with anyone ? Will it take a long amount of time before I see progress in my investment ? Thank you for taking your time to read this =)

John answers:

Before you invest in any security, the first investment you should make is in yourself, and the best investment you can make is by educating yourself.

Start your education by learning why you should invest and the importance of being able to make your own decisions or how the pro’s make theirs.

Here is some reading material that can get you started in the right direction, The first book you should read is Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Then try some of these
What Works on Wall Street by James O’Shaunessey
Beating the Street by Peter Lynch
One Up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch
The Warren Buffett Way by Robert Hagstrom
How to Make Money in Stocks” and 24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success both by William O’Neil

Get into the habit of making daily visits to some websites like MSN Money and Yahoo Finance. ( )

While at MSN following the strategy lab analysts to get a feel for what the pros are doing and why. This site has some basic information for beginners.

Other website that can provide instructions and help with procedures and terminology are Investopedia – Stock Charts –

Visit some of the more professional websites like Zacks – Smart Money – Schaeffer’s –
Some of these web sites will have advertisers who are worth looking into also

Just don’t rush into investing, learn what you are doing, why you are doing it and how to do it. This may take a little bit longer, but at least you will have a good understanding of investments and the various products that are out there.
Listening to television shows such as CNN or MSNBC is not going to get you there. They will hype you up, but teach you nothing.

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