Your Questions About How To Invest Money

Betty asks…

How do you invest money?

I hear these days they key to being financially secure when your older is investing your money!
I don’t really know what it is but its to do with saving money,I’m trying to save up money for holidays:D
I don’t want tips on how to get rich or anything but
what does it do?
How do you do it?
can you do it from a young age?
No stupid answers please its not another one of those gay ”how can I be rich?” questions!

John answers:

There are many types of investment. Some tax fee, some not. Some low risk, but low gain, some with higher degrees of risk, but with more growth potential. You can start a pension fund, or you could choose to invest in managed funds, using the ISA tax free wrapper. Lots of info here –

Mandy asks…

what is the best way to invest money,I will have a little lumpsum to work with,how can I make it grow the most

I don’t have retirementsavings,don’t earn much,am 49 yrs old

John answers:

I’d take half of whatever you can save, and put it into a interest paying savings account (consider this your emergency fund).

After you have three months expenses saved up, divert this money into the option below.

I’d take the other half, and start a Roth IRA. I’d seek out some friendly help on what exactly to purchase in the IRA (I would probably lean towards some type of balanced mutual fund).

At 49 years old, you need to contribute as much as you can as often as you can… Skip Starbuck’s now, so you won’t be working there when you are 82 years old! 🙂

Ken Clark
Certified Financial Planner

William asks…

how and where to invest money for high returns?

I am 19 years of age and wana invest a little amount of money for high returns …
stock market is one but i dont want to get into i ….
is there any other way to invest money
or to open a small scale bussiness

John answers:

Here at The Bull’s Edge we recommend reading up on Silver. You can pick up silver from your nearest pawn shop for $35-45 an ounce. It fluctuates with the volatile price of silver but we are very optimistic that the price for silver will go high in the long run. Buy up some silver and get off the dollar standard. We are going through some tough times and silver performs well during tough times. Read our article on silver titled “The Buzz on Silver”. Contact us at The Bull’s Edge if you would like more free advice or need any further help.

Carol asks…

What some way to invest money?

Lets say I manage to save 10,000 and lets say i have no experience in anything completely new.
How could I invest that and make profit *realistically*?

Lol now lets say i make millions. How would I invest that? Im asking because ive been day dreaming alot and was thinking of all the ways i could.

Currently I have about $700 but theres nothing I could safely invest that into
(I thought about maybe starting a apartment complex,real estate, restaurant chain,etc lol)

John answers:

Your money is the most precious thing in the world to you, or so it should be. And when it comes to deciding upon retirement investment strategies for your money, you need to pick the right options. It’s all about having horses for courses. You wouldn’t equip snow tires on the car when it’s raining outside, would you? It’s all about choosing the right vehicle for the right purpose. Your retirement is something for which you will need a fair bit of money stashed away. You are looking to keep your golden years safe and get out of the marathon for rodents that some call the rat race. It’s a time to do whatever you’ve always wanted and for that you need to make your retirement investment work for you. Retirement is such a subjective thing, to be honest. It means […]

Joseph asks…

How do I invest money?

I want to invest about $500. how do I do it. and what will that 500$ be in about 10 years? I want to know the most simplest way. my parents don’t know about this so thats why i’m asking here

John answers:

Usually people don’t invest only $500. They may invest $500, and then 6 months later another $500 or $100 a month or $500 a month. Investing is usually not a one-time thing. You can invest $500, but most people either invest more money or they invest small amounts on a regular basis.

To start, you have to open a brokerage account. I recommend because they only charge $4.50 commission. Every time you buy or sell a stock or fund, you have to pay a commission. Also, when you sell, you have to pay tax if you made money on the trade.

Once you have your account, you get a password and you can log in and check your balance online. You can enter buy or sell orders online. So, you can control all your investments online.

I would suggest you buy SPY or QQQQ or something reliable. These two codes, by the way, are fund symbols. SPY is the symbol of S&P500 index fund. And QQQQ is the symbol of NASDAQ-100 tracking stock. If you buy SPY, your money is automatically invested in 500 of the best American companies. If you buy QQQQ, your money is invested mostly in tech stocks.

If you had bought SPY ten years ago, one share was $150, and now it is about $107. For $500, you could have purchased 3 shares. And those 3 shares would now be down $129. So, your would have lost about 30% in ten years. Not good.

If you had bought SPY about 15 years ago, you would now have more than $1000.

If you had bought SPY in March of 2009, then now you would have more than $700. Your account would be up about 50%. So, it really depends on when you invest.

You could pick the best company in the world, but if you buy it at the wrong time, you could lose money. Or you could buy a worthless company and make money if you buy it at the right time. Valuation and timing is everything. Technical analysis is the study that deals with this, so I would suggest that if you decide to invest some of your money, also look into this subject and start to study it a little bit.

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