Your Questions About How To Invest Money

Sandra asks…

How to invest money in the stock market?

I’m looking to start investing and that is why I decided to make this question. Can someone please tell me EVERYTHING ill need to know about getting started in investing my money in the right places. I figure this is easier than reading “Stock Market for Dummies” or something.

Thanks so much!
I was planning on reading a book, i just wanted a general guideline from people who answer questions on here. I thought that was the point of this fucking website.

John answers:

Do not skip reading a good book !
This way you can know all the basics such as
what are mutual funds, etf’s, bonds, stocks, etc.

These books are easy to understand.
And if you try to learn all this on the net, you’ll just find yourself re-reading the same information over and over again. A waste of time.
The book will also have a chapter on different brokerage accounts with details on minimums and commission costs.

Donna asks…

How should I invest money to pay off loans while in college?

While in college I will be taking upon roughly $7000 in federal subsidized loans. These loans will accrue interest and will require repayment 6 months after graduation (so almost 5 years from now).

Because of this fact, I plan on saving a large portion of my money during college so that I may easily pay off my loans once I graduate. My question is, how should I save this money? Should I place my money in CDs, mutual funds, or investments in a cash account?

John answers:

It really would have been better to use your savings for your expenses and not take the loans. Not paying interest is almost always better than investing. Say you’re paying 6% on those loans, by using your cash on hand you’re making a no-risk 6% per year. You’re not going to get that kind of return in any no-risk investment.

Daniel asks…

Best thing to invest money in and how to get started?

I have a couple grand to invest in something but I dont know what or how to even get started. Does anyone know the best thing to invest in and how to do it? Thanks.

John answers:

Me, and just western union me the money. I will take care of it for you.

James asks…

How to invest money for childs future prosperity?

I want to be sure that when the stage comes at least we have enough money to ensure proper funding for childs education, health, entertainment, vacation etc

John answers:

The possible ways in which you can do equity linked investing with minimum of risks is through:

By investing in index funds
By investing in ETF’s
By investing in diversified equity mutual funds
By investing in direct stock by value investing.

Securing the future of your child is of prime importance. Better start earlier as it will be much harder for your pocket later. Taking advantage of equity linked investment to generate substantial wealth for your child is easy by equity linked investing as you have enough investment time horizon. Higher will be your investment horizon more assured you can of your expected returns.

Thomas asks…

please suggest how to invest money ,for monthly salary from that. in wat way ?

I need to invest my hard earned money Rs 1c In useful way like monthly interest from that, other than house and building.please suggest other than house and building .especially should be useful for my retirement .my age 29 now.

John answers:

Deduction in Voluntary provided fund is most secured with good interest rate and tax benefit.

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