Your Questions About How To Invest Money

James asks…

How much money can I invest on etrade, and how much money can I expect to get back?

I turned 18 a couple of weeks ago, and I really want to invest money. Since I am just starting, how much would be the minimum I could invest on etrade, and how much can I expect to get back? Is there another way to invest? Please let me know if anyone has information.

John answers:

Do not invest in stocks period. Unless you like to watch your money disappear.If you want a safe investment buy silver bullion. Not stocks of silver but the actual silver coins.
Here this video will help you decide where to put your money. Good luck.

Steven asks…

How do i invest money in the stock market?

How would an ordinary person invest in the stock market.I’m not working for any large company as i an still studying but i would like to invest in the stock market how would i go about doing this.Where would i go to invest money.

John answers:

The first thing you should do is read, read, read as much information on the stock market as you can. Here is a good place to start. This blog has been good to me. Lots of basic information. Hope it helps.


Donald asks…

How do you invest your money?

I’m thinking of investing some money.
How do you invest money and how much money do u need to start?
How old do u have to be to start investing money?

John answers:

You can put money in a bank, invest in property, stock market or anything really.

There has never been easier time to invest in the stock market. All you need is internet access & an account with an online broker. You can probably get started with a couple of hundred dollars – but about $2,000 would be a better place to start.

Online brokers like or [& there are many others] will let you open a test account – where you trade with pretend money & you can see how you go – better than loosing your own money whilst you learn.

I’ve learned a lot by signing up to a free investing newsletter from [they won’t try & sell you anything]. They talk about what is happening in the markets & why the prices are changing.

Stock market can be risky, but the returns can be very high.

Putting your money in a bank will generally be safer, but the returns are not that great.

Ken asks…

How can i invest money in india from another country?

I want to invest money in india(like gold ETF’s ,mutual funds,etc). But i live in US ,how can i invest money from here?can anyone please tell what are the best ways i can invest money in india and also the options(other than gold etf) where can i invest money in india?

John answers:

You can invest in ADRs here in the US. But to trade directly in their markets you must contact a broker who can do this. There are numerous tax considerations when trading outside the US which is one reason ADRs are an attractive alternative, coupled with the fact that they also require no special treatment. They are traded on the regular exchange.


Donna asks…

How can I invest money into different countries Certificate of Deposit when I am only an Amercian?

I am trying to invest in Chinese Banks 5.5%, Brazilian banks 6.5% and Australian Banks 4.5%. I am only an American, but can I place my money into these countries and take advantage of their high (discount) interest rate since US is going to be 0.0% until I become old and dead?

John answers:

Wow, arent you one smart cookie. Go to several foreign currency investments section of your bank. Several months ago, the recommendation was to invest in francs. It resulted in some increase in swiss accounts.

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