Your Questions About How To Invest In Stocks

Paul asks…

What is the minimum amount of money needed to invest in stocks?

If I indeed want to start investing in stocks or going into financial trade, I need to know how much capital I should start out with… Is there a recommended amount I should start out with?

John answers:

Congratulations on your interest in investing – it suggests that you want to ‘take charge of your life’, and work towards achieving financial freedom. Before you can ‘start making money’, you need to be prepared for the stock market. Just as you wouldn’t expect to be successful at just about anything without proper training, you cannot expect to be successful at investing and trading without learning ‘how to invest’.

To answer your questions ..
I. What is the minimum amount of money needed to invest in stocks? You could open an account with zero dollars. However, to invest you need money to invest. Different brokerages have different minimums, and some even will waive commissions to get you started (depending on the size of your deposit). A short list comparing online brokers is listed on the link below.

Ii. Is there a recommended amount I should start out with? Yes – zero. I recommend initially learning about investing, and then using a ‘virtual’ account to practice before you invest real money. See more details on the other two links below.

Good luck.

William asks…

How do I purchase/invest in stocks myself without hiring someone to do it?

I have had a 401k plan that I played around with myself, moved some stocks and investments in, without outside help and did good but that 401k is gone now after loosing my job. Does anyone know how I can just build a portfolio and buy stocks? Thanks guys and girls.

John answers:

I use you need at least $500 to start really trading, $7 per trade, i like it because $7 is 7 no hidden fees, the stock tools are awesome aswell no inactivity fees, but do your research check out sogotrade, etrade, and others i chose scottrade because i did my research and like this one heres a code for 3 free trades:VNQP7030

come join this stock chat as I am a moderator for a community site kinda like face book for stock holders and researchers, its a 100% free site, non push site (we wont tell you to buy a stock to get us a gain), has a face book style design and a stock chat, its hope to see you there, Goodies4monkeys sent you

Linda asks…

Is it the right time to invest in stocks?

I am saving 1500 dollars a month. I am not sure how to invest in the stocks. I guess american markets might be stabilized now. Waiting for further corrections would mean that I am being too greedy. Please suggest the way to double my money in a year or two.
Please suggest me some good stock and at what level should i enter. I am new to american market and have traded very well In India.

John answers:


Sandy asks…

is there a way to invest online in stocks , within 30 minutes without agents?

i want to try investing in stocks. i have no idea how.
i live in canada.
i want to invest via paypal if thats possible.

any idea how i can start fast?

John answers:

Yeah, stay away from PayPal. They will freeze your account as soon as you get money.

Try: Wells Fargo Investments, Ameritrade, Etrade, Scottrade.

They are pretty good… Once again don’t do paypal you’ll regret it.

Daniel asks…

How to invest on Brazilian Stocks?

I am Asian and have played the stocks game locally, although I see great potential in Brazil and the many Brazilian companies. Question is, how do I invest on stocks when I’m on the other side of the world? Answers greatly appreciated!

John answers:

Buy Mutual Funds & ETFs
Like ticker EWZ ,ILF, or PRLAX there are some more if you look them up. My self like GLD.
Finding Brazil Stocks
If you want to pick Brazil stocks on your own, Buy ( maintains a list of Brazil stocks that are traded on U.S. Exchanges. When I looked, the site listed 35 stocks, and included a link to Reuters’ business description for each stock. The Reuters’ descriptions are quite detailed, and tell you more than you probably want to know about each company’s business. Find the list from’s homepage by selecting Portfolios and then selecting Brazilian Stocks.

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