Your Questions About How To Invest In Stocks

Lisa asks…

What are the best ways to invest in Stock market for high returns?

Have heard many success stories on the stock market like Warren Buffett, and want to venture into the stock market. What are the best ways to invest in Stock market for high returns, happy to take risks in return

John answers:

Higher the Risk Higher the returns.But you should only invest what you can afford to loose if taking high risks in stock market. Penny stocks are a good choice for you however it involves lots of scam as well, so unless you are experienced i don’t recommend investing in penny stocks. First do your research about stock market (sites like, is good) and then move on to the stock market with a little investment, see how it performs whilst gaining experience and then once you are confident do the proper investments

May be you should have a look at mutual funds as well for the start

William asks…

How can I learn how to invest online?

Can someone help me understand how to invest stock online?
Are there any tutorials that can help me out?

John answers:


Ruth asks…

What would you consider to be a good profit percentage from investing in stocks?

I’ve been investing in stocks for almost half a year now, and on average I’ve been making about 4-5% profit on each stock that I’ve bought and sold. Would you consider this to be a decent profit range? I know different people will make different amounts, but does this seem reasonable for a first-timer?

John answers:

Obviously the return will vary with the economy and the more, the better. It’s often said that Warren Buffet’s returns in Berkshire Hathaway is about 28% per annum so there’s no doubt that such a return is very good. However, the most likely indicator of what you will achieve over the next year is often estimated by comparing the total market value with the last estimate of the GDP. The ratio would now indicate that a 3.4% return over the next year would be reasonable.

Chris asks…

Is investing in stocks considered a business?

I’m applying for a government agency’s program which helps graduating students to put up their business after graduation. I can’t think of any business applicable to me. I can’t cook so well. I can’t do wedding, birthday invitation cards.
I just thought of investing in stocks and managing it properly afterward. I just research – read newspapers, surf the net and everything.
Do you think the agency will approve my application?
Are there any alternatives/suggestions for a small business that can be put up worth 50, 000 pesos only?
Thank you.

John answers:

Investing in stocks can be considered a business. Some will point out the benefit of doing it under an entity such as a C corp. Expect to take about 4 years to learn to do it profitably.

Even though you can’t cook its pretty easy to learn basic cooking. A taco stand or hot dog stand should be easy enough to run.

Good luck

Maria asks…

Why invest in stocks when every once in a while there is a recession where you lose it all?

They say it is smart to invest in stocks because they gain an average of 10% a year but, for instance, if you bought a majority of today’s stocks in 2000, you would have actually LOST money if you sold those stocks today. And it’s not like this is the only recession-isn’t this a pattern? Why invest when in your lifetime there is bound to be a recession so that all your progress is erased?

John answers:

See that depends on the investor if you have no experience with stocks you shouldn’t go buying them its kind like a horse race if you have been to the races before chances are you know who the best racer is. So you’re going to most likely put Your money on that racer but if have never been to the track before all you’re doing is taking a shot in the dark and gambling Your money away that’s the easiest way i can put it.

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