Your Questions About How To Invest In Silver

Donna asks…

how much money is invested in silver?

am looking to invest in silver i hear it is more rare than gold in over Ground supply i what to now how much money comes in from investors and is it possible that silver will Disappear

John answers:

Silver might be more abundant than Gold? Technically silver can disapper as it’s a natural resource, probably not in your lifetime.

You might want to look into Silver ETFs. Or precious metals ETFs.

Donald asks…

Buying Silver question – how much over to pay?

I want to start investing in silver. When I go to a broker how much over the listed price should I pay? Lets say silver is $35 an ounce on the market, how much would it cost to purchase a ounce?

Also, do they pay market price when buying it back or do they buy it back at a discount?

I plan on buying silver bars.

John answers:

You best bet is to simply check with multiple dealers and see what the going rate is. The premium is subject to supply and demand, so it fluctuates. You can check premiums for many coins at . Scroll down and click on Silver Round. It’ll display current dealer prices from dealers. Premiums for bars should generally be a tiny bit lower, but not by much.

Sometimes dealers will buy coins for over spot, but they always buy for less than they are selling at (obviously). It’s unlikely a dealer would buy a bar for over spot, unless it’s something special. Most coin dealers will list their buyback prices along with their sell prices. Check APMEX for example, they list buyback prices for many items.

You may also want to check out the Nucleo Exchange. It’s a marketplace (like eBay) where you can buy and sell bullion to other people, but the parent company (Bullion Direct) is the middle-man in each transaction to verify authenticity and handle shipping, etc.

Nancy asks…

How to Invest in Gold/Silver?

With high inflation around the corner in the US, i’m starting to turn my attention to investing in gold or silver. Can you show me easy steps to purchase gold or purchase gold companies? Where do i get started?

John answers:

You can either buy gold and silver outright and store it away, or invest int stocks. Get on a financial website [or here at yahoo, what not] and start looking up companies that have to do with gold and silver.

Mandy asks…

How to buy silver…?

I’m interested to invest into silver. All precious metals are raising at the moment because US Currency is weakening and gold/silver and other will keep raising. What to you recommend for beginner silver buyer/investor? Where to buy? I live in Europe.

John answers:

Scottsdale silver is a good place and safe to buy silver.

Ruth asks…

Does anyone know how a beginner would start investing in silver ? And which is the best way to start? Thanks!

John answers:

Look for a store in your area that sells silver. Dont buy from the mint. They rip you off big time. Dont pay more than 1 dollar per ounce over spot for silver. You can also buy silver on ebay…it usually goes just a little over spot but then again you are paying shipping…but i guess it doesnt matter too much because you are paying for gas to get you to the silver store too.

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