Your Questions About How To Invest In Silver

Mandy asks…

what is the best way to invest in silver?

I wanted to start investing some money over a long term….I see that silver prices are like $26/ounce. And gold has skyrocketed. Silver has like gone up way over 250% in 10 years….so where can I buy physical silver that is close to the price of silver….online like 1 oz bars and coins are pretty highly marked up to like $6 more per ounce than the price….how can i overcome this? what is normal to pay over the typical silver price?

John answers:

The best way to start investment is silver is analyze first and then invest your hard earned money money. For analyzing silver you can take help of technical analysis.

Sandra asks…

What’s the silver/gold spread ratio? How to use it in silver investing?

John answers:

1.What’s the silver/gold spread ratio?

If one day gold for December delivery finished trading at $810.80 an ounce, while silver settled at $14.785.

Silver/gold spread ratio = 810.8/14.785

2.How to use it in silver investing?

If you think the spread ratio goes up, long gold and short silver.If you think down, do the opposite.

Jenny asks…

How to be up-to-date with gold&silver markets?

I am currently investing in Silver and Gold markets but I don’t know good source of information that can affect my investments and I live in sub-continent so sometimes markets close earlier and sometimes these are holidays because I don’t know about western holidays/cultural events when markets are closed. So please tell me what is the best source of information and specifically what things going to affect silver and gold. Furthermore, how to know about holidays in international markets special events regarding this..

Thank you.

John answers:

I rely on the Kitco website as the best source for relatively unbiased information. Watch out, there are many marketeers in gold and silver which will send you almost daily a newsletter. But more often than not those articles are not based on facts, but rather hype that precious metals are the only assets that will increase in value, while also predicting the impending collapse of the major paper currencies. Don’t buy their hype, or will probably get badly burned by it.

Ken asks…

Is there any way to purchase newly minted silver dollar coins at a discounted dealer mark-up?

I’m a novice at investing in silver coins. Coin dealers are claiming a $1.50 fee per coin and it doesn’t matter if I buy one or a hundred or more…the fee is still the same. I’m interested in about a hundred and I feel that a $1.50 dealer fee per coin for that many coins is a little steep. How can I get a better rate?

John answers:

Call the federal reserve

Paul asks…

Should I invest in Gold, Silver, Platinum, or Palladium – at this time?

I would like to invest in both coins (silver and gold), and bullion/commodities. Which one of these is poised for the biggest returns over the next year or two? Three years?

How should I invest in them? Take possession of it?

John answers:

From what I’ve been reading now is the time to buy physical silver.

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