Your Questions About How To Invest In Silver

William asks…

Should I invest in silver bullion? What’s the least I should buy? And how much is it going to go up?

John answers:

Nobody knows what it will do. Some years ago, a Texas financier was convinced that the price of silver would skyrocket, and he bought a lot of it; actually, the price tanked, and he lost several billion dollars. Precious metal investments will probably maintain their value over the years, but they provide no return, and there are storage and management costs to deal with. I prefer equity investments; over the long term, these have outperformed anything else.

James asks…

Is it too late to invest in silver? How high will it go in the next year?

John answers:

Yes it’s to late if you think the economy is going to improve.
No It’s not to late if you think the economy sucks and the
value of the dollar declines.
Just when you think it can’t go any higher, it does.
On the other hand.
Just when you think it can’t go any lower, it does.

David asks…

How do I invest in / buy silver?

I have not had an economics/finance course in my school yet so I do not know how to invest in something such as precious metals.
I would like to invest in silver right now because I see it as under-valued, a store of value that will definitely hold, and something that would rise back up in price (isn’t the Chinese government encouraging silver investing to its citizens and I can see that having a major influence on price).
I would like to save on something other than my money in the bank, which loses value because of inflation. Thanks in advance and sorry with all the details. 🙂

John answers:

Bulliondirect,com get silver now

or from local dealer .

None of that ETF or shares that may not hold the amount of silver they say. Also if the dollar dropes in value your etf’s and shares will be settled in devalued dollars.

Read kitco forums.

Mary asks…

i want to invest in silver bars?

what would be the best size bars to buy and how much is it by ounce/gram? any other info will be appreciated as well.

John answers:

Good things about owning silver or other commodities:
1) they may appreciate further.

Bad things about owning them:
1) they pay no interest or dividends
2) if the place you buy them from stores them for you, you will pay storage
3) if you take actual possession of the bars, when you go to sell, you will pay for inspection and verification to prove they are real
4) if air gets to the bars, they will oxidize and change color

Are you sure about this type of investing?

Sandra asks…

how to invest in Silver?

I am an individual. What are the various options for investment in Silver with liquidity

John answers:

Buy SLV. That is the best way. It is an index fund. Very liquid.

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