Your Questions About How To Invest In Silver

Carol asks…

is buying silver half dollars a good investment right now and?

how about ebay? i see that the eagle is selling for about 34-36 $ for one.
and if i want to invest in silver ,what is the best way? and safest way.

John answers:

The safest and best way is to buy 90% silver US coins made before 1965, 40% silver half dollars made between 1965 – 1969, and 35% silver nickels made between 1942 – 1945. With all of them you need to know how to compute the actually silver weight in each different coin, and know how to do the overall math to come up the amount of silver in a mixed lot.

You can often buy silver this way at estate sales for below melt value. Why pay a premium for bullion coins?

If you really know what you’re doing, you can hunt for private – mint items from private individuals who inherited them and don’t know what they have, or at estate sales when the competition doesn’t know what’s there. I have scored big both ways. Two weeks ago, I picked up 25 ozs of .999 private mint silver rounds from a guy on Craigslist who didn’t know what he had and worded his ad in a vague way so that other bargain hunters would pass right over it. I paid $19 an ounce for it.

But this method is far from the easiest way. It tales a lot of study to gain the knowledge that will keep you safe.

This link gives you the melt value at any given time for US silver coins.


Joseph asks…

I want to start buying gold and silver, how do I know what and where to by it at?

I want to start investing in gold and silver, how do i know if i am buying the real thing, whats the best thing to buy (stamped with?) and where can i buy it safely?

John answers:

these are good AND safe…

Robert asks…

What mutual funds deal exclusively in silver?

I don’t want to buy a precious metals mutual fund or one that invests in anything other than silver and industries based solely on silver production (such as silver mines.) I want to buy ones that deal only in silver and silver industries. What mutual funds fit my needs?

John answers:

Mutual funds? Hmm.. Not that I know. But there are lots of ETF’s starting with SLV the ishares ETF. Investing in ETF’s is not that much harder than mutual funds and gives you what you an investment in just silver stuff.

Now why you want to invest in silver at the current price is another matter. You are late to the party. You want to invest in the next thing going up not the thing that is already really pricey.

John asks…

How to invest in silver in india?

Hey there guys I want to invest in silver but I don’t know what to buy.
American silver eagle is the best silver coin but the problem being is that I can’t import it in India.
I don’t know if British coins are good investment. And lord laxmi silver coin are one of he option.

John answers:

Investing in silver is very simple and straightforward in India.

Simply use a precious metals invest broker to invest in silver OR buy some actual silver from a business that sells silver. Keep the silver in a large safe or somewhere that it won’t get stolen.

As the price of silver continues to rise, your investments will be worth a lot more money 🙂

Laura asks…

Where can i buy silver at wholesale prices in new york city ?

I want to invest in silver to get ready for hyperinflation… where can i buy it in new york city ?

John answers:

Just go to some of the Pawn Shops.

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