Your Questions About How To Invest In Silver

James asks…

Seeing as CSD and USD is fiat money, whats a good place to invest my cash in?

I was wondering if theres and stable economies that still use the gold standard? or investing in silver or something.
i dont like the idea of having a peice of paper saying you have X amount of dollars in X company.

any ideas guys?

thanks a bunch!

John answers:

Physical gold and silver in your physical possession

Mary asks…

What is the difference between a PCGS certified American silver liberty dollar and one that is not certified?

I want to invest in the uncertified silver liberties, but before I do, I need to know this answer. Why does it matter that one coin is certified and the other not certified? Why is there a higher premium paid for a certified coin, when they are essentially the same coin?

John answers:

The ungraded coins are not as pristine as the graded coins. The higher the grade the more unhand-led they are and more they are in detailed condition as they were struck. The ungraded coins carry a premium but not as much because they are more worn then the graded coins.

I do not collect graded coins. Unless you are a serious collector then the extra money paid for the premium is not worth the extra investment as the premiums can fluctuate more then the metals price the coins are based upon.

The grading basically certifies the perfection or lack thereof of the striking of the coin.

George asks…

Difference on YA in gold and silver sentiment?

Recently on YA there seems to be a divergence between silver and gold sentiments. Ask whether investing in gold is a good idea and most of the answers are “eh, probably not”. Ask whether investing in silver is a good idea and you get “YES!” followed by lots of reasons for investing in GOLD like the dollar is going to collapse and GOLD has always been money.

Anybody have any insight into this?

John answers:

The only thing that makes sense to me why someone would prefer silver over gold but then extoll the virtues of buying gold, is that they can’t afford to buy much gold but they can afford silver. Buying a 1/10 ounce common date gold Eagle at current prices and markup is going to set you back $180 or so. For the same money, you can have 5 ounces of silver Eagle bullion coins, or, if you know where to buy, 6 ounces of pure silver in the form of ‘junk’ 90% silver coins. I can’t say which is better to buy now, silver or gold, but the sentiment seems to be psychological – they’d rather have something they can have more of.

Carol asks…

what is set to rise higher in price this year gold or silver?

I am wanting to invest in either silver or gold. does anyone know what metal will rise more in price?

John answers:

Gold has risen very significantly in the last year or so. It will fall back at some stage (crash?). If and when it does, it will be one hell of a crash. Don`t buy at the top of the market, Try copper.

William asks…

Is it good to invest in silver than gold?

The price of silver has gone up more number times than gold.

John answers:

Both gold and silver are a good bet. Silver has a lot of industrial applications, such as solar panels, that are making it more and more scarce.

However, gold has been re-established as a Tier 1 financial asset under the Basel 3 banking rules, as of Jan 1, 2013. This means banks can hold gold at 100% of its value as a risk-free financial asset, at the same level as U.S. Bonds. It’s unknown how many banks will start holding gold, but gold will offer an advantage over cash and bonds because gold is inflation-proof. This puts gold in a different category from silver, platinum, and palladium because gold is a financial asset and the others are commodities held for investment purposes.

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