Your Questions About How To Invest In Silver

Jenny asks…

Where does gold get its value from?

I’ll add a little more information. I’m hearing from a lot of different sources around the internet, that it is a good idea to invest in gold, and silver. I wonder how it’s better than currencies. Why does gold have value?

John answers:

Gold have been recently trading at multi decade highs. With inflation beginning to increase and volatility in world energy markets, these metals could continue to increase in value.

David asks…

How does e-gold work? Can you invest it? Like a automatic program that’s not a scam?

How does e-gold work? What do you use it for?
What about e-silver,e-currency etc?
Can you invest it? Is it possible to put it in a automatic investprogram that not a scam?
Can someone who is involved with this please help me out?

Thank You!

John answers:

I haven’t heard of it. If you’re looking to invest in gold, the easiest way to do it is to buy shares of the Gold Streetrackers ETF (ticker symbol GLD) which you can buy via a brokerage account just like a stock.

Ken asks…

How to make my financial goals asap?

I’m still young, (19) but I was wondering what is the quickest way for me to reach my financial relatively short term goals? In the next 3-5 years, I want to be established with anywhere from 50-100k to my name.

My current job, I’m already making 25k a year. With my possible promotion, that could go up to me making 35k+ a year. Should I invest, build up credit, still save heavily?

Currently, I have 3k saved. $500 in Silver invested, and $1000 in savings bonds. How am I doing so far, do my goals seem attainable?

Thanks, everyone!

John answers:

Your investments are in worthless asset classes. Get your money out of silver and savings bonds if you can. You’re lucky if you are getting paid more than 2% on your savings bonds.People buy gold and silver as “insurance” for their portfolio. Since you don’t have one, you should not be invested in silver. I’m not going to rant anymore. If you have less than $5,000 put it a mutual fund. Continue saving money each month.

Pay off all and any debts (a reasonable amount at a time.) Only then, do you want to worry about building up your credit.

Mary asks…

Investing in Gold & silver advice needed?

Hello, Im 16, and was thinking instead of having cash laying around, that I should invest in some precious metals rather than leave it there waiting to be spent. However is this a wise investment in 2010, I know the market goes up and down, but Im asking for an estimate from you, Do you think their value will be much more by the time im 21 years old (2014) If not, How long before I could see a return. (I know they dont allways go up)

John answers:

Many analysts predict gold will be a good investment for many years and for 2010. Historically gold has outperformed the US equity markets over the past 30 years and should continue to do so. The best and safest way to play gold long term is GLD. For a little more risk you could look at GDX or GDXJ.

John asks…

Gold and silver have become great investments this past decade. Have you invested in any?

Even the mint has a hard time keeping up with orders now and at times, orders are delayed.
I was wondering… If maybe it is just a few rich people buying it all up , or if the general public are also doing what they can to protect what they have.
I have about half of my savings in gold and silver coins. I am a real gold (and silver) bug though, and have absolutely no faith in any paper currencies.
Are you invested in gold and silver? Just curious to see how many people are doing the same or if it is a relatively small percentage of the population.

John answers:

Why do you think gold coins are a good investment? You pay anywhere from 20%-65% more for gold coins than the value of the gold in the coin. The premium that you pay is for the additional cost of the minting and packaging process as well as dealer markup to allow the dealer to make a profit.

When you sell, who are you going to sell the coin to that is willing to pay 20%-65% more than the gold value of the coin? If you try to sell the coins to a dealer, he’ll probably give you significantly less than the price you paid since he will want to make at least the same amount of profit when he resells (probably more) as he can make when he purchases coins from the mint.

So if a dealer is paying $750 for a coin from the mint that he sells for $1,000, it is highly likely that he will give you less than $750 if you sell that gold coin to him.

If you want to hold gold as an investment, trade a gold etf. Since that is a very liquid market, the premium paid is very small (0.18% per year for the GLD etf) and the trading cost through a discount broker is only a few dollars (can be realitively insignificant if the trade is large).

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