Your Questions About How To Invest In Silver

Robert asks…

Investing in gold and silver?

I’m becoming more wary about the dollar value and it’s declining pattern and want to invest in either gold or silver. Which one is more safe and how would I go about this correctly?

John answers:

All what stockmarketcoach wrote is right. But silver has a much higher volatility.
So while Gold is normally slower on the up and downside, silver is rapid and furious.
Could you stand a 50% silver correction, without crying your eyes out or lose your sleep?

I have only gold, silver and goldminingshares. But would I put all into silver (I am extremly bullish on silver)? No!
These days the most important thing is to keep ones wealth and have a “feel good situation”.

The answer to “how” depends on how much you have.
You have 10.000 USD. Then yes I would put them physical into silver and I would buy them at the cheapest place. is fine.
You have 100.000: Look in James Turks He is a great guy too and he stores it.
If you have more:
The most important thing to know, is that most of the traded silver or gold is only on the paper. There is way not enough real stuff. So you must see, that you dont buy the paper promises (it is said that GLD and SLV might be paper). So I would send you to Eric Sprott. His funds are traded on the US stock exchange and he stores the stuff in Canada.

If you like you could buy goldmining shares. This is not the same, but easier. Forget the stockpicking crab – believe me this is a bull market and they all will go up (or down) together.
I have 10% in physical g&s, 20% in a silver fund, 25% in a gold fund and 40% in goldmining shares (the big names only like Barrick, Newmont, Yamana).

Understand this: The big money is smarter and goes first and buys gold because it has higher value, the small money comes later and will go into silver (because gold is too expensive).
If I had money right now, I would add on silver and shares not on gold. But I would not sell my gold position – which makes me sleep at night.

As an US citizen ( I am german) I would try to have my position outside USA or deep in my garden under the strawberries.

In the end:
1. You need a small physical core position (buy silver 1 ounce coins). This has to be with you, not in a bank safe. This is your buying power in a worst case scenario.
2. Then you should think about all the rest.

Mary asks…

What is the best way to buy silver at the best price?

I’m looking to invest some of my money in silver and I would like to know how i can get it at the best price I’m thinking just bars and rounds. Thanks in advance everyone.

John answers:

There are many reputable online dealers with good prices. I recommend you check out a price comparison site like Just scroll down and click on “Silver Round.” It’ll list current prices from several online dealers.

You’ll see that APMEX has one of the lowest prices listed. They are running a special on their silver rounds right now, only $1 over spot. It’s only a 24 hour sale, so there isn’t much time left. In fact, I’m considering buying a couple of rolls from them today.

Stay away from collectable (numismatics) coins. They carry a heavy premium over the metal’s spot price. You shouldn’t pay more than about 5% over spot. And if you want to sell later, you can get about 5% over spot back out of them on eBay, or a couple percent over from some dealers.

I’d also advise not buying exchange traded funds (like SLV). That’s just another piece of paper.

Steven asks…

Getting my hair bleached at the salon? I have questions(: help?

Okay. So right now its a light brown with blonde highlights,.
I want my whole head blonde? I dont want it to turn out orange?
Im getting it done profesianlly.

What will they do?
How long will it take?
How often should i use toner on it?
Should i invest in a silver shampoo?

John answers:

Different salons have different rituals, but most of the time they are generally the same. When you arrive, you’ll probably have a conversation with your colorist about exactly how you would like your hair to look. Don’t be shy when it comes to this! It’s your hair and you’re like a walking billboard for this specific salon, so they want it to look exactly how you want it to look. It depends on what you’re doing to how long it will take, and it also depends on your hair type. If you have thin hair, it will be a lot faster, same with short hair. But if you have long, or thick hair it will take longer due to the fact that there’s more hair. But on average it might take about one hour to two hours. It all depends on what you’re getting done, the amount of hair and possibly the skill of the colorist. It’d be best to ask your colorist about the toner. People that have naturally dirty blond or light brown hair won’t have to use it as often as people with darker brown hair. I would suggest that you use toner whenever your hair begins to look brassy, so it doesn’t get to the point of orange. Ask your colorist, they’d be the best bet! If you’d like to keep your blonde looking vibrant and healthy, I would definitely suggest investing in shampoo designed for bleach treated hair.
Here are some helpful tips for your salon visit that I hope will help you :]
It’s nice, but not necessary to tip the person working on you. It’s not a restaurant but they don’t make much and you’ll make their day with a $2 tip :]
Show up on time! This way you’ll have time to talk with your colorist about what you want, and they won’t be rushing to get done because they have other appointments to attend to.
Bring a picture of what you want your hair to look like. Colorists can’t read minds! And a picture is worth a thousand words!
Eat before you go and don’t eat while you’re being worked on. Lots of possibilities to get hair in your food and it’ll probably just be in the way of your colorist.
If there is something you dislike, don’t be shy! They want you to be completely satisfied with your look. Like I said before, you are a walking and talking billboard. They’re feelings really aren’t that delicate!
Have fun and feel pampered when you do go :] And I hope I helped!

Michael asks…

Is etrade free ? how much do they charge a month or do thery only charge for transactons?

I want to invest in gold and silver, is e trade free or do they charge a monthly free if so how much. Also any advice on how to invest in gold on etrade will greatly be appreciated

John answers:

Did you know you can go to their online site and read all their fees?
Generally there is no charge for opening an account
They will have a minimum requirement deposit
Expect each trade to cost you about $6 to $12
This is for when you buy, and again for when you sell

If you have just $300 to invest – it’s not a good time to get started
Wait until you have a larger chunk of money

William asks…

how much should i buy silver for in order to make profit?

dont link me websites please i dont have time for them and there mostly nonsense. i want to know how much should i buy silver right now in order to make profit. i have a budget of 4500 and im looking for invest it all in silver. how do i go about doing this and when should i do it at what price. need someone who can help me than you if you leave me your email so we can talk more that will be nice as well. there must be some investors out there that can help me thanx.

John answers:


Okay no websites.

The time to buy silver to make a profit is now. You don’t need to wait. This isn’t like buying stocks, which I’m quite sure you already know. There’s no set time to buy. Silver like gold is continuing to rise, so waiting only causes you to lose out on whatever profit you could earn.

It is most common to buy silver by the Troy ounce and you should buy coins in bullion. There are two types of bullion coins you can buy to accumulate silver–one ounce silver coins and “Junk” silver coins. The 2 most popular and recognized silver 1 ounce coins in the world are the U.S. Silver Eagle and the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. The most popular way to buy “Junk” silver is a 55 pound bag. A 55 pound bag is $1,000 in face value of the coins, but that also equals 715 ounces of silver.

You always pay the spot price of silver plus a commission. The advantage of buying “Junk” silver is ou pay less commission per ounce than a 1 ounce silver coin, but you still have coins. It is the cheapest way to buy quality silver coins officially minted by the government.

Where do you buy silver coins?

Since you don’t want links to websites in your answer here, I would suggest checking with the Better Business Bureau and online forums. You can “Google” the phrase Silver forum to find online forums.

When buying silver you should always take physical delivery. Do not let third parties hold your precious metals on a permanent basis. Your property is best held by you. Be sure you know and understand exactly what you are buying, and you will do just fine.

Good luck and good fortune with your silver coin purchase.

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