Your Questions About How To Invest In Silver

Donna asks…

How should I invest in silver, actual bullion, coins, individual stocks, or mutual funds.?

I would like to hear some opionions on purchasing silver, gold on different platforms such as actual bullion, as in coins, individual stocks such as mining companies, or possibly mutual funds. I see numerous sites, but right now it seems a blend portfolio would be best, but were to start?

John answers:

This website touches on a few of these topics.

Michael asks…

How can I invest in silver if I live in Ireland?

I know in the UK if you buy silver you are hit with a VAT charge of something like 17.5% and this is something I dont think they apply to gold. However with gold being so high I was thinking of silver. I actually live in the UK but could use my relative in Ireland to buy silver if this was a better way of avoiding tax.

John answers:

You can try buying silver from individual sellers online such as on ebay!

Ken asks…

What is the best way to invest in Silver?

I am thinking of buying some silver, but I am completely ignorant as how to do it. Am I able to store it at my home? Do I pick it up, or can it be delivered? Or, is it just in a bank or storage somewhere and I never see it? Please give me a good picture of what this looks like. Thanks!

John answers:

Never buy silver shares, bonds, certificates or anything like those because in the end, they are all just paper garbage. To invest in silver you must buy PHYSICAL SILVER.

What I mean by physical silver is silver coins or bars that you can hold in your hand. You shouldn’t trust silver stocks or certificates, because like Enron, there are many companies that sell product certificates that represent a certain number and value of the product, however, upon investigation, it has been show that many do not have the products that the certificates claim.

Like I said, physical silver is the only way to securely invest in silver. If you are going to buy silver, I recommend buying specific brands. You may question, isn’t silver all the same, and the answer is no. There are certain brands of silver that are easier to sell if needs be. I suggest you buy Engelhard 1, 5, or 10 ounces bars. Also Johnson Matthey is a great brand in 1, 5, or 10 ounce bars. If you want coins, then buy American Silver Eagles or Canadian Maples. Also, the Mexican Libertad and the Austrian Philharmonic are very nice (coins).

All of the suggested types of silver brands that I mention are the very best and easiest to sell later on. All are .999 pure silver. Don’t buy really large bars such as 100 ounce bars, because they can be more difficult sell,

Here are the best website to buy the suggestions above:

Susan asks…

how do you invest in silver in India?

From where one can buy 2-3 kgs of silver? Since banks don’t sell silver, from where can you buy. Most of the reputed jewellery shops (like Tanishq) also does not sell silver. If you buy from general shops, how to you make sure that it is 100% pure & you are not cheated?

John answers:

You are in for best answer.
Go for E-Silver by NSEL.
Check the following link for more details

Linda asks…

How does one ‘invest in silver’?

I see silver for sale on e-bay often, sometimes 100oz bars. I understand that silver is at a very reasonable price at the moment. If i were to buy a bar of silver, and the value were to rise where could I re-sell it, is e-bay the only place, or are there other places which would buy it from me.

John answers:

Silver is not an “investment”, it’s either a hedge or a hobby.

The value of silver goes mostly sideways!

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