Your Questions About How To Invest In Penny Stocks

Mark asks…

How to quit Etrade (advice on penny stocks)?

I invested in some penny stocks a couple years ago.They are only worth around $200 right now and if I try to sell them the Etrade fees will eat up my funds.Etrade is also going to charge me a yearly fee if I have less than $2000 in stocks.How do I access these stocks in the future if I quit Etrade and what info should I save for my records before I quit?

John answers:

Transfer your account to another brokerage after opening a new account. Check the link out for a company in which I used and endorsed. They have very low fee for trades. (4.50). No minimum balance to open the acct. And that would help u tremendously.


George asks…

How can I invest to increase my money quickly. Penny stocks?Somewhere I can put my money in and have good odds?

I know everything is a risk, but theres some great ways to increase your money fairly easily if you know where to put it. thats the sources im looking for. I would truly appreciate any ideas.

John answers:

Penny stocks arent just stocks that cost a penny. Penny stocks are stocks that are 5 dollars or less a share, so not all penny stocks are that bad as long as you have the time to watch it daily. I usually buy shares in stocks that are around the 8 to 12 dollar range, those are the ones that seem to have the most volatility resulting in gains if played right. There is easy money in penny stocks, but you have to have alot of time on your hands and able to check your stocks at least once a day. The way I make the most money is by buying and selling stocks hourly with high volatility.

If you are going to be investing in penny stocks you need a cheap website with low commission fees. is the cheapest fees on the web with only $7 trades. If you have any other questions feel free to email me at

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Best of luck to you!

John asks…

Penny stocks, is it really worth invest in it?

Is it really worth investing in the penny stocks? if yes, how much should I start or risk with and what is the best company to trade with?

John answers:

It is not worth it – they’re like playing the lottery. It’s cheap to buy a ticket, but the chances of you winning is astronomically small and the vast majority of the time you lose money in the long run.

If you want to start investing, talk to a financial planner or open a registered retirement savings.

Donald asks…

I want to invest in penny stocks to pay my medical school in the future please can some one give me some sugge?

ok so im a freshmen in college but I know that schooling i going to be expensive and i dont want to ask my parents for help because they have problems of their own. i dont want to become rich or anythings just pay for my school ten years form know. how much should i invest can someone give me some advice???
which ones are good to invest now .
thank you 🙂

John answers:

When you invest/trade in penny stock you should never put up more than you can afford to loose and you should assume you will loose it all. Unlike regular securities, penny stocks usually do not let you use risk cutting procedures (options and/or stop orders) since most are not traded in a regulated market place. Since there no requirement on market makers in the OTC Market it may be difficult to find a buyer when selling is required.

They say when you buy securities you have a 50%-50% chance of making money, when you buy penny stocks you have a 50-50-90% chance, 50-50 chance of making money and a 90% chance of loosing money. Since there are no meaningful regulations for trading only those with trading experience stand a chance of being successful trading in penny stocks. Penny stocks are not for newbies.

When buying penny stocks, like any other security investment, you never invest 100% of you investing capital. Penny stocks are fun to trade, but you should never count on them to be considered part of your primary investment objectives. One should not trade penny stock unless they have several years experience trading regular securities.

All that said, here are some websites that you will find helpful

After 40+ years on Wall Street, you’re very foolish is you think penny stock will get you through med school or any other school, and to take investment advice on any particular penny stock here on Y.A. You’re a bigger fool.

Michael asks…

How To Choose What Penny Stocks To Buy?

what web site can i use to find out what penny stocks i should invest in. i want something that i can see the company’s history and what they are, what they do, and who they work with. i didn’t know too much about stocks but i want to learn.

John answers:

Stay far away from penny stocks

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