Your Questions About How To Invest In Penny Stocks

James asks…

how can i invest in penny stocks?

hello i want to know how i can invest in penny stocks, i wanna know how start from zero, where i need to go and witch are the best stocks to invest less than a 1000. thank you

John answers:

The last place for new investors to start are penny stocks. Would you fly a jet plane before learning how to fly?

Trading is not gambling. For the most part it’s a learned skill.Buy some good books. Understand what you’re getting involved in.

Lizzie asks…

I’d like to invest in a penny stock but my direct investing account won’t deal with penny stocks how do I buy?

I found a great penny stock. I just need to know how and where to buy it. Any thoughts? Usually I go through RBC investing, but they won’t deal with penny stocks.

John answers:

Open a broker account, and buy OTC.usually penny stocks are losers….

Linda asks…

Im 17 years old and looking to invest in penny stocks. How would i go about doing this and is it safe?

John answers:

Very unsafe. In all likelihood you will lose whatever you have.

I strongly suggest getting yourself a good education on penny stocks and day trading before you commence anything in reality.

Lots of websites and library books have this information. And they are usually free, so your education will not cost – but your trading might.

Ruth asks…

How does someone go about investing in Penny Stocks?

I’m already investing in Mutual Funds, Bonds, and Stocks. I would like to know how to invest in Penny Stocks. I’m confused though whether or not you can you a site like ETrade or something like that or if there is a separate website for Penny Stock investment. Any advice is appreciated

John answers:

If you would like to try your hand at penny stocks, I would have to recommend read up on it at It should be able to answer your questions.

Donald asks…

What’s the approximate initial cost of investing in penny stocks?

I want to invest about $1,000 in penny stocks. How much more money would I have to fork out to get that done by a broker?

John answers:

I can’t speak for other brokers but my broker is Scottrade and they charge $7 per trade. For stocks under $1, there is an additional charge of 0.5% of the value of the investment.

Let me point out that penny stocks are a bad investment. Penny stocks describe those companies whose stock cannot be traded on an organized exchange like the New York Stock Exchange because the company does not fulfill one or more of the requirements of the NYSE. Penny stocks are typically traded over-the-counter (OTC), also known as the Pink Sheets. Investing in penny stocks is highly speculative. As an investor myself, I would not recommend penny stocks for anyone. Instead, I would recommend safer investments like mutual funds and index funds.

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