Your Questions About How To Invest In Penny Stocks

Paul asks…

Anyone know of a good penny stock site to invest?

A friend of mine a few years back was investing in some penny stocks and made some money on it. I was interested in possibly investing in some myself but I do not know the first thing on investing. Is this a good idea, and if so does anyone know of a good place to start? I dont have a lot of cash but I wanted to maybe put some into a few stocks to see if I could gain anything. Thanks.

John answers:

You’re chasing a dream. Your friend… If they had less than 3 years of successful trading experience…. Was simply lucky.

You will lose money (big time) if you just rely on a “service”. The absolute key to penny stocks is great trading money management skills.

Learn “Technical Analysis”. Learn basic trading. Trade stocks over $5 for 3-5 years… Then you can try Penny Stocks. Try to read a book on trading every 4-6 weeks. Re-read them. Do this as long as you trade.

James asks…

Has anyone here ever made consistent gain in penny stocks?

Beginning investor…in learning process just want to know if its worth it overall to invest in penny stocks.

John answers:

Stock brokers do very well when you trade penny stocks.

The number one mistake of new investors is getting involved in penny stocks. This should be after years of investing experience. I must tell you though…… Most professionals won’t go near them (hopefully that tells you something).

The number one draw is that penny stocks are cheap and a small move can mean a large percentage gain. Real success in the market involves lots of small gains not big ones. The typical experienced trader tries for many small gains. Their number one goal is to reduce risk & loss.

Do yourself a major favor. Read a few books on investing and trading. Don’t pick books from “media” gurus. Start off with the “dummy” series and work your way on to others. Read at least one (or 2) books on the psychology of trading. If you don’t….. All the rest can be a waste of time.

Donna asks…

Have you ever invested on penny stocks?

Is it true that the stocks that are so cheap (a couple cents only) have more chances of gaining hundreds of percentages in few days?
Is it better to invest on penny stocks or others?

John answers:

It’s not the price that matters, but the exchange where the stock is traded. Normally when you hear warnings of penny stocks being fraudulent, they are talking about the Pink Sheets. Avoid them. Stick with stocks that trade on the NYSE, NASDAQ, or AMEX. The Pink Sheets stocks have hidden commissions (bid-ask spread) of up to 50% that go to the floor trader.

Nancy asks…

What are some good Penny Stocks to invest in?

What are some good penny stocks ($0.2 to $1) to invest in this harsh economic times? I’m more looking towards Green Stocks that are devoted towards Clean Energy, and stocks that are like to benefit from the Stimulus Package. I know CAT will benefit, but its just to expensive for my low budget. I’m also looking towards a stock that will make quick profit (1 to 3 months).

My goal is to buy a new aluminum macbook and it’s just too expensive.
also explain why to invest in it and why you thing it’ll make quick profit

John answers:

I don’t like penny stocks. If the company goes bust, you lose you’re entire investment.

These were a few I found. The share price movement on the charts looks good. Just don’t put all your money into one of them. That would be too risky.

Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

Information Technology

Chris asks…

What are Chinese and indian penny stocks which invest in communication sector?

What are Chinese and indian penny stocks which invest in communication sector, food sector and in energy sector ?
I want to know, is what is the trade symbol of the Chinese and indian penny stocks which invest in communication sector, food sector and in energy sector.

thanks in advance…

John answers:

Hong Kong energy stock:

0076 – South Sea Petro

What a coincidence. Have you ever heard of the South Sea bubble? (Nothing to do with that stock, just similar names).

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