Your Questions About How To Invest In Penny Stocks

George asks…

What are the consequence’s of being subscribed to penny stock newsletters?

I learned that i shouldn’t be listening to a website about picking the right stock, I never invested in the companies they said, and i don’t see myself investing in penny stocks, not as of right now anyways. Should i delete all the emails i got from websites about penny stocks?

John answers:

Yes, you should delete the emails. Penny stocks are full of unscrupulous promotions, and they are always looking for the next sucker.

Unless you have truly special expertise, avoid penny stocks completely.

Susan asks…

How can i invest 10 dollars in penny stocks?

I got ten dollars and i want to invest it and make more money with it. it does not have to be a lot but something like 100 dollar profit or something.

so how can i invest it in penny stocks. how do i find out where to go to do it.

John answers:

Instead of buying penny stocks, take your 10.00 ouside, light a match and set it on fire. You will get the same result, but bunring the money will be more fun, STAY AWAY FROM PENNY STOCKS!

Jenny asks…

what is the best online site for investing in penny stocks?

i know little about how the market works, but am looking to invest some money in penny stocks. preferably a site with no minimum.

John answers:

All reputable firms require minimum deposits. If a minimum deposit is a problem for you, then you should not be investing.

There is no “best firm” for penny stocks. From a brokerage firm’s perspective having their customer deal in penny stocks is a loosing proposition. Many firms do what ever they can to discourage such investments/trading, especially from new accounts. No firm wants to be known as a “penny stock” firm.

Penny stocks ARE NOT for newbies. Only those with trading experience should consider trading in pennies since they understand the market, the risk and the problems associated with penny stocks.

Those with securities experience will tell you that you are foolish to start in the market by using penny stocks and those that are in business will tell you not to do it.
So with experienced investors/traders telling you not to do it, and those that are professional tell you not to do it, and even the Securities & Exchange will not recommend you do it, why do you think you can make any money.

Ruth asks…

Can you become a millionaire by investing into penny shares?

I will have saved up £5,000 by the time I turn age 18. I intend to get some of it and start to invest it into penny shares. I want to know if you can become a millionaire by investing into penny stocks, and if this is possible starting with a few thousand, and what to look for in penny stocks before you invest into it as I know that they can be very risky? Please answer for 5 star best answer.

John answers:

Yes of course you can.
Some of the shares I bought for 13p each are now worth £10.00 each in just a few years.
All all about risk, picking the right share and some luck.
You have to be prepared to loose it all

Richard asks…

What are already wealthy people investing in right now?

Do wealthy people who are already millionaires invest in penny stocks, or more on the upper echelon of stocks like Blue Chips and Mega Caps, Options, Futures and things of that nature? Are they always doing research or do they leave it up to their financial advisors to do the research for them. I heard Warren Buffet does his own research. True?

John answers:

Gold and Silver takes way too long to make money on. Penny stocks are a gamble however you are correct in thinking it is a quick way to make money. Try the forum link below for penny stock discussion. Good luck

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