Your Questions About How To Invest In Penny Stocks

Nancy asks…

I would like to know how to easily invest in penny stocks?

I would like to invest in some penny stocks and I know they are more risky but their returns can be huge.So I would like to know how to easily invest in penny stocks.

John answers:

First, you need to find a brokerage firm and set up an account before you are going to be trading any hot penny stocks. Make sure you are set up to get good, cheap trades – some as low as seven dollars – that are available with all the major indexes.

When you decide to invest in hot penny stocks, you should make sure that you aren’t just following the pack and that you are ahead of the curve. Penny stock investing is all about buying what is undervalued and then selling quick to make a fast return on investment.

Because the market can change so quickly, the internet is probably the best resource to find the latest financial news.

Keep track of how much money you would have made with the recommendation of each website or whatever strategy you are trying out. Pay attention if one source in particular seems to be ahead of the curve and is picking up on the hot penny stocks before everyone else.

Hopefully your hot penny stocks will turn into this, and not the other way around Once you’ve decided for yourself which are the smartest investments, then go ahead and put your money into the market. But never invest more money into the market than you can afford to lose, because penny stocks – even “hot penny stocks” – can be extremely volatile. Be prepared to lose some of your money if you’ve made a bad investment.
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Charles asks…

Are you ready to invest in penny stocks?

If you decide to start investing in penny stocks, How do you get start?

John answers:

First u take complete knowledge of it’ fundamental & it’s project & planning & policies. Then observe it’s price movement
all u’ ll find in related sites
e.g.-in INDIA

Donald asks…

How do I invest in penny stocks. And How would I know which ones are good to invest in?

John answers:

Penny stocks are extremely risky and are best suited for sophisticated investors who can afford to lose some money. No rudeness intended, but you’re not a sophisticated investor if you’re asking this on Yahoo Answers.

If you decide to go ahead, you should be aware that penny stocks are not traded on a normal stock exchange. That means that they are not subject to exchange requirements for financial reporting. They are also not subject to all SEC reporting requirements. As a result, it may be difficult to obtain reliable financial information about these companies.

Also, you should be aware that some penny stocks are very thinly traded and may go for days without shares changing hands. You may have difficulty selling your shares when you want to because of a lack of buyers. This lack of volume also makes it relatively easy to manipulate prices. That’s why penny stocks are a favorite of scam artists.

There are plenty of good companies to invest in that will provide good potential returns without the extra risks of penny stocks. Warren Buffett didn’t make billions by putting his money into this stuff.

Lisa asks…

Best penny stocks to invest into?

What are the best penny stocks to invest in?

Also how much should you invest in penny stocks?
*General estimate*

John answers:

Penny stocks are usually only good for short term investing. I typically only buy pennies with the intention of selling within a day or two, if not within the same day. That being said the best to buy are the most volitile: CCTYQ, LEHMQ, WAMUQ are some volitile very low priced stocks. Technichnally a “penny stock” is a stock trading for under $5/ share. That would make F and GM pennies right now… Great buys in the long run, because the government will just as soon bail them out if they get to that point.

Donna asks…

How do you find the best penny stocks to trade?

I’m trying to build a website that focues on penny stock investing. In my opinion, the potential ROI of this market is so huge it makes some of the risk worthwhile.

The trick of course, is finding and timing your trades. And that leads to my question: How do you find the best penny stocks to trade? I appreciate your constructive input and will adjust my website to reflect good ideas.

John answers:

Look through penny stock forums, there are lots of them. Many people will find great penny stocks in their city before anybody else has a chance to know about them yet

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