Your Questions About How To Invest In Oil

Jenny asks…

How do I invest in crude oil? Is it like shares?

I want to buy oil at $65 a barrel then sell it at $75 a barrel. How do I- someone with no skills or experience- do this? Is it like buying shares or do I have to do a sale within a few months of buying it?

John answers:

A a small investor, your best choice will likely be USO , which is an ETF that tracks crude oil prices. Does not match barrel price, but should track pretty closely.

William asks…

Do you think oil will remain above $100/barrel or will it continue to decline a while?

Am heavily invested in oil stocks and have been watching some just peter down down down. I know that long term oil will rise but how about the next few months? Does anyone think they know the answer? I don’t want to be with the stocks when they hit bottom, if they have not already.

John answers:

have a read but are they right ? Its anybody’s guess..

Donna asks…

Is investing in Oil/Gas a good idea? If yes how do i start. is there any website i can consult to educate?

myself about how to start investing?

John answers:

I would not recommend investing in petroleum at this time, the market is very shakey. I might be good in a diversified portfolio as you may catch an upswing and then be able to dump. Commodities are a tough racket, try something a little more stable. If you want a gamble find some up and coming technical company in China, invest and then get out before the Chinese government kicks out all foreign investor. If you really want commodities trading, buy corn.

James asks…

Besides defense contractors and people who invested in oil stocks, who else benefited from Bush’s Iraq war?

Sorry to point fingers at Bush, but I keep thinking of Bush’s little speech about how he claimed God told him to start the 2nd Iraq War. That aside, I’m wondering in which state our economy might be, had our troops been sent to depose Saddam Hussein and “stabilize” Iraq?

John answers:

I don’t know, Were trillions of dollars in debt, thousands of families have lost soldiers and loved ones, and were in a very unpopular war…I think theres more cons than pros.

I suppose the country as a whole may have beinifited from using America as a crutch,but it can’t be that way forever.

And Honestly I can’t wait til they pull the troops out. Those guys (and women) don’t deserve do be over there anymore.

Ruth asks…

Is it a good idea to invest in the oil industry and how it can be done?

John answers:

I will think so. Yes, $70 per barrel seems to be too high. However, with the increasing demand from developing countries like China and India, oil will probably reach $90 by this year end and over $100 next year or so.

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