Your Questions About How To Invest In Oil

George asks…

how much would it take to invest in oil?

hello, i want to get into investing in oil, my grandma has invested in an oil well which i think is called direct partcipation. And every month she gets a check for a $100. What im wondering how money on the inital investment to get a return like that?

John answers:

You could always invest in stocks that are in the oil industry. It might not be the same but it would be a great way to participate in the price movements of oil. The first thing that comes to mind are companies like BP and Exxon Mobil. But you should be able to go to a site like MSN and research stocks in the oil industry.

You could also trade futures on commodities. Trading oil futures would be a good way to participate in the price movements of oil.

Robert asks…

How did Dubai and Abu Dhabi invest their oil riches?

And were they successful in doing so/their methods?
If possible could you share a link where I can research this?
(don’t have to give me the answers, a link will do!)
Trying to do some geography homework but can’t find anything on it.
Thanks for helping, have a good evening 🙂

John answers:

All you have to do is to look at the massive construction going on in both countries to see how much of the money is being spent.
Is it working, well apparently so however it has slowed down with the financial status of the rest of the world.

Susan asks…

Oil prices are at $83 a barrel. Is it a good time to invest in oil stocks?

I’m a bit worried on how the Euro, AND unemployment in the US will effect the falling oil prices……however oil was over $100 a barrel over the summer… Is there any indication if it (oil prices) will eventually rise to summer prices again?

John answers:

I wouldn’t touch ANY oil stocks right now as they are in freefall ,why not wait and catch an uptrend breakout when they stop plummeting ,just keep watching the charts and then pounce…

Chris asks…

where and how to invest in oil, Walmart, and Ralph Lauren?

these are thing i would like to invest in but don’t no where are how to

John answers:

You open up a brokerage account and buy their stock.

Nancy asks…

How is investing in oil exploration an economical energy policy…?

if companies must search 5,000 feet below sea level to extract it?

Wouldn’t investing in alternative energy (as China is doing heavily) be a better investment? Wouldn’t this go a long way toward creating more permanent sources of employment.

If fossil fuels will soon run out, wouldn’t alternative energy sources greatly be in demand this century, just as oil was during the last century?

John answers:

Petroleum fuels are going to be around for a long while. Oil, coal and natural gas are all relatively cheap to produce and reap great returns. There is a reason why oil is called “black gold”. Solar, wind, ethanol and other can still barely stand on their own without government subsidies. Even then, Solyndra shows that even that is not a guarantee of success.

Renewables are a niche market. Don’t force them or pretend they are something more than that. Allow for a process of private funding that allow then to cook in the R&D labs as the researchers find ways of making them more cost-efficient.

For instance corn ethanol needs subsidies and takes corn out of the mouths of people around the world. It is a primary reason why we are an importer of corn when we used to be an exporter. Just around the corner, with a little more work, will be ethanol that can be made out of switch grass, a cheap crop that can grow anywhere. The country is being pushed toward compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) out of well-intentioned but misguided Progressive attempts to reduce power consumption. However, the bulbs use mercury and are technically toxic if broken. They are also inferior in performance to incandescent bulbs. Again, high-intensity LED lighting is happening now. The technology has no mercury, performs as well as incandescent, longer lasting and uses half the power of even CFLs and is made from silicon, the most abundant mineral on Earth.

Government SUCKS at calling winners and losers in private sector markets. They need to STOP. Ironically, when they do, the economic and ecological solutions they are looking for appear.

BTW China is opening about 3 coal-fired power plants a day.

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