Your Questions About How To Invest In Oil

Susan asks…

How do you invest in gold or oil?

I keep talking with friends and co-workers about making investments… yet I don’t even know how to get started. How exactly can I go about actually investing in oil or gold? Are there companies or people I need to talk to? Can I do this myself? Who are these oil and gold companies that I buy from (that are also legit and have been around the longest)? Also, what are people’s opinions on stocks vs commodities? I’ve got one co-worker telling me it’s better to buy the actual physical gold then stocks because stocks could devalue at any moment, but if you have the physical gold still, you’re safe.

John answers:

I agree that physical metals are better than paper. A great option for investing in silver is

They have small spreads, you can manage it online, have your silver stored or delivered.
You can then invite your friends and coworkers, and they have a very generous rewards program.

Sandy asks…

Is it a good idea to invest money in oil business?

And what company is better now?
How about Chevron?

John answers:

Oil service companies are a good option. If peak oil is real or even if production is maxed out it will be harder for oil companies to profit (due to marginal costs). The oil service companies are the ones offering to help big oil find what oil is left.

Another option is to invest in pipeline companies eep enb dep which pay good dividends.

Mark asks…

If you invested in oil and were really trying to build a lot of wealth, how long would you keep your stocks?

If you were investing in oil.

John answers:

Fifteen years.

John asks…

how to invest in oil?

John answers:

The symbol for United States Oil Fund Lp. = USO
It follows behind oil prices, but it moves up / down with oil prices.
With depression/recession it will go down. If oil prices go up so will USO.

Thomas asks…

If a barrel of oil is $100 and the price of gas is $3.00 in chicago, how much will a barrel cost when a gallon

of gas in chicago costs $4.00.

i want to invest in oil and utility mutual funds and am wondering if investing in funds which the price of a barrel (roughly$100) is worth it. Is it proportional? if gas goes from $3 to $4 per gallon does that mean a barrel of oil has to go up 33% to accomplish that?
if so, then its definitely worth investing in (especially since Jugo chaves is ordening troops to go to bolivia.

John answers:

A barrel of market oil is 42 US gallons.

Just multiply 4×42= $168 per barrel. Not including or considering taxes refining et cetra.

Invest in gold and oil because the dollar has a lot farther to fall.

Does this help any?

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