Your Questions About How To Invest In Oil

Sandra asks…

How to invest in higher oil prices?

I anticipate oil prices to go up dramatically in the next 1-2 years. Oil futures are too complicated and expensive for me. I do have some money to buy some stocks with. Utilizing the assumption that oil will increase dramatically, what stocks should I buy? Thanks.

John answers:

Try to seek out corporates who are located in oil exporting & importing countries – where oil prices are per free-market/ de-controlled by the Govt.

Maria asks…

Oil is around $45/barrel. Last year it was more than 150. How is that possible outside of covert manipulation?

I don’t see any reports of huge new sources, and demand hasn’t changed that much. Are we all too late to invest in oil futures now that it’s clear Bush’s regime is no longer able to call all the shots?

John answers:

Supply and demand. Nobody has the money to spend to go on day trips to the beach anymore and the negative publicity of greenhouse gases has impeded demand. The reason why gas prices are going up is because the oil barons and the Saudis are losing money–like billions of dollars–each month because it costs so much to produce and so few people are buying gas. And I say, good for them!

James asks…

How much money does Hillary have invested in Oil and Commodities that drive up our costs of living?

Her daughter Chelsea runs a hedge fund and she cries wolf about oil prices and fairness to the American people!

How can she be so bold as to have “The Audacity of Hope” in her about this economic situation when her money is likely invested in our further plight?
I expect this “act” from rich males, but are females just as ruthless, and willing to stand and lie in front of the American public? I thought I could expect more from a woman! Are women liars too?

John answers:

I find it hard to believe that anyone who has any amount of money invested these days is not working against the average family to the nth degree, unless our country keeps the stimulus packages coming from now on…..

Americans deserve income to live on!

Michael asks…

Why don’t we invest in oil shale ?

this is a link and please read then post and

if anyone could help find out how much energy is used to get a barrel of oil out of oil shale i would apreciate it

John answers:

Oil shale is somewhat of a miss name. It’s actually not a shale, and the material it contains is not really oil, or at least not petroleum. Oil shale contains keragin, material that was not exposed to sufficient heat and/or pressure to become petroleum. When heated, this material liquifies and undergoes some simple reactions that move it more toward petroleum.

Keragin is costly to recover, at least compared to conventional petroleum or oil sands bitumen, and it is more difficult to refine. There are also significant environmental issues surrounding the recovery process (what to do with the rocks once the keragin has been extracted, how to keep recovered keragin out of the ground water systems). Studies are, however, underway.

David asks…

How do I invest in crude oil?

I need an answer, how to invest in crude oil, no matter how risky. Oil from Egypt specificly !!!

John answers:

Energy ETFs
I can’t tell you witch one is the best buy, but you can look at these on a chart and compare: There are a lots of investors that think energy is a good sector.
1x Leverage = IYE, IEO, IEZ, IXC, XLE, OIH, XOP
2x Leverage = DIG, REA ( 2x is for aggressive investors )
3x Leverage = ERX ( 3x is for more aggressive investors )
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