Your Questions About How To Invest In Oil

William asks…

Is it possible to invest in oil?

As a normal citizen, is it possible to invest in fossil fuels instead of gold or whatever? I’m pretty sure companies can invest in coal and oil, but what about the average worker?

John answers:

You can, as others have suggested here, invest in companies whose share price is directly linked with the price of oil – such as BP. Or you can TRADE oil with an online account. But before you do, you should get some independent advice. May I suggest that you check out the links below.

Steven asks…

With Romney in the White House, will we be able to get rid of job killing regulations on our banks?

Romney says he will repeal the Dodd Frank law, but can we trust him?

One of the worst things about Dodd Frank is the banks not being able to invest in oil futures with depositors money, being forced by the Federal Government to use their own money.

This kills jobs and discourages investment as the banks must use depositor money for low profit loans such as small business loans, home loans and cars.

Maybe Romney will restore santity.

John answers:

Ha ha, very funny, but this is going to go over the head of most Conservatives.

Daniel asks…

Is it safe to invest with Intgex InterGlobal options exchange?

This company is based in Taiwan.
They cold call people in the autumn to invite people to join the options market by investing in heating oil. Sounds interesting in theory.
Are they genuine or is it a scam to take your money. Anyone had experiences with this company.

John answers:

The Federal government warns of many scams in the heating oil market. See the link.

Helen asks…

Really, how realistic is it to tie the economy with the rise and fall of the stock market ?

We have seen oil prices kept up because of speculators investing in oil on the stock market. We have seen the market dip because of the bad economic news only to rally because of those with venture capitol ready to buy at the bottom of the market. Naturally the market will rise when this happens, but it has nothing to do with the sad state of the economy.

John answers:

They correlate loosely–sometimes VERY LOOSELY.

A stock’s value is the market’s assesment of how much money the underlying company is going to make over time.

Susan asks…

Is it possible to become billionaire from a?

Small retail shop? I’ll explain myself:
You start a retail shop,save money,invest,start another shop,save money,invest and do this for multiple times. Then start a manufacturing factory in Asia and invest in oil&gas,new technologies ecc.

All this in approx 10-12 years,not overnight of course!

And how are business going in UK? It’s better to start in USA?
Even tough we’re Italian so it’s easier for us to move to UK.

John answers:

Um, if you have money to invest and you know exactly what you’re doing.. I suppose;…

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