Your Questions About How To Invest In Oil

Daniel asks…

Why have Dems in these forums convinced themselves that only Republicans hold oil stocks in their portfolios?

Only Republicans are making money on crude futures?
Only Republicans invest in oil?
Only Republicans hold shares of Shell, BP, etc?

You cant honestly expect the people in here to believe that only Republicans are making money from the current market trends, can you?

John answers:

I don’t agree with your statement, however, I do agree that the Dems have been jumping all over big oil because of their profits. IF they had any brains, they would invest in oil stocks and make money, but they would rather complain about big oil’s profits. Most of Dems are socialists at heart and they would like to take over all industry. The Marxist Rep. From CA, Maxine Waters, suggested as much in an interrogation of oil executives. You can watch the video at YouTube.

Sandra asks…

what stock agencies invest in oil futures?

which companies out there invest in oil futures ? I am looking to invest in the oil prices futures”, but cant find a reputable agency that does .. thanks

John answers:

Forex and E-trade (I believe) allow you to trade futures but futures really have no substance and I would strongly discourage you from doing that. By trading in oil futures, you are going against the law of supply and demand (as with all futures) and inflating gas prices (and everything else).

James asks…

Is investing in OIL now a good strategy?

Are there any funds or strategies that let you invest in OIL under the premise the prices for gasoline here in the US will go up given all the tensions in the middle east? If something were to break out over there it seems logical that the prices will go way up. Is this called a Hedge or a Short? Do you think it is a good idea now- if not, what do you recommend as a short term investment- could invest long term too- doesn’t matter?

John answers:

It looks like a good investment. However, I would not forget on stops. It is not far back when Oil was trading around $30!?!

Helen asks…

Why does a decrease in investment from investors bump up oil prices?

Because investors are unsure about investing in oil stocks (because of a refinery explosion in Texas, a weak US dollar, and other reasons) the price of oil has gone up. How does this work?

John answers:

The price of oil increases and decreases based on world demand. The amount of barrels OPEC produces and the amount of barrels the world demands helps to set the price.

However because the majority of the worlds oil is generated in some of the most corrupt terrorist infested cesspools for countries in the world, speculation plays a major role in factoring the price of a barrel of oil. Right now the speculators have cornered the oil market, and they will continue to drive the price up until they feel that they can make more money by changing from a long position to a short position.

David asks…

Why do Western Imperialists think the Arabs should not have real control of their own oil?

And think their puppet governments should run their oil industries to our benefit; but don’t make sure that they’re investing their oil profits in the people instead of waste and consumption?
Saudi Arabia is 90% reliant on its oil exports. What will the people there do when the oil runs out? It must be on their minds; which is partly why they want to overthrow their corrupt rulers.
If we’re going to impose puppet rulers on them for our own economic benefit, shouldn’t we at least have a conscience about it?

John answers:

Uh Mr 0bama sex toy, have you ever heard of OPEC!!!!! ROTFLMAO lib sheep are ignorant!!!

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