Your Questions About How To Invest In Oil

Lisa asks…

Why does Edwards Have $16 Million Invested in Oil, Drug, Tobbaco, Sub-Prime Lenders, etc?

I thought Dems agree that those companies are “evil” and try to take advantage of poor Americans.

How many millions has Edwards made off of the poor over the past few years by investing in companies that foreclose on the poor, drive up the price of gasoline, and charge outrageous prices for medicines so that no one can afford them?
How many poor people in New Orleans had their houses foreclosed on by the companies that Edwards gives so much money to?
Try google: Edwards Fortress
Edwards has most of his money with Fortress Investments. AND, he gets paid almost $500,000 per year for being an adviser to Fortress.

John answers:

I want to agree with you but I need a source for this information.

EDIT: Interesting, thanks for the link. Well all I can say is he is a hypocrite just like all the other Democratic candidates. These guys don’t care about your health, minimum wage, Illegals or the poor they just care about the votes!

James asks…

Beginner Investor in oil&gas?

I am planning to invest in oil&gas, what are the funds or firms that I can start with, as a beginner what capital do I need invest for a reasonable revenue and what are the risks.
I work in an oil Exploration and production company in the middle east and would like to invest my understanding of the industry into extra money beside my salary ! I am not planning for huge revenue in the beginning but few thousands dollars will be a nice start.
I am not a US nor EU citizen but how to buy companies stocks like BP or Shell, do I have to open a bank account abroad to start investing?

John answers:

All your questions can be answered by a broker.
You might just try Fidelity mutual funds, I believe
they have a couple of sector funds in oil & gas.
Be advised that this is a high risk area.

Paul asks…

A couple questions about buying oil?

I am thinking about buying oil on a smaller scale.

Will companies sell to you on smaller scales?

Can you store it on your land somewhere?

What can you store it in? Does it have to be some costly thing or can it be like a plastic tank? What are the requirements air tight ect?

What do you buy oil or gas?

How long can you store it for?

Anything else to consider like temperature, laws, resale, commercial areas, certain company to go through?

Or are there any stocks that I can get that are not skyrocketed by now that are involved with something like this?

Last question in general. What do I need to do to invest in oil now and then sell when prices rise?

John answers:

I have never heard of an individual buying small amounts of oil and storing on their own land planning to resell it later. That does not mean it has never been done, but it certainly is not common.

Big companies trade oil through futures contracts, but I would not normally recommend trading futures to an individual. Instead, I suggest you use the ETN “OIL” which trades on the New York Stock Exchange. This will allow you to make (or lose) money in smaller dollar amounts without nearly as much overhead. You can buy and sell shares of ETN just as you would a stock.

Michael asks…

How would I go about raising money to invest on my own account and take a fee for any returns I make?

I am 18, and an investor in small-cap stocks. I prefer to invest in oil and ebergy small-cap companies and I’m well on track for my investment portfolio to earn, possibly in excess of 100% overall. If I keep on making 100% return every year compounded for a few years, say, up until age 25, how would I go about getting capital to invest on my own account and charging a fee for any returns I make?

John answers:

If you are talking about investing OTHER peoples money, you will need a college degree and a securities license for anyone to take you seriously, then you have call 1000’s of people and try to convince some to use you as a financial advisor or stock broker

earnings 100% over what time frame? 6 months? 6 yrs? Don’t expect to keep making those kinds of return year after yr – even the best fund managers lose money sometimes
everyone should be able to double their money over some period of time – expecting to do it (after taxes) in less than 5-7 yrs is not realistic in the long run

Donald asks…

Invest in oil and make millions now. Or invest in alternate fuels and make billions ten years from now?

It seems that the way the world is going, oil production will peak very soon and things are going to get very bad for the average worker any like you and me.

Should one invest in oil now and make money now? Or, take a chance and invest on alternate fuels and technology in the hopes that it will pay off later on and make even more money off it?

And lastly, does anyone know of any stocks and companies to invest in in alternate fuels and technology?

John answers:

I have had oil investments for years but I am seeking all possible ways to not use fossil fuels for the future in my home, for transportation etc. As far as investing in alternate fuels and technology, that is crapshoot. Many of the companies are start ups and won’t be around 2 years from now so????

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