Your Questions About How To Invest In Oil

Helen asks…

Oil if FALLING? How? I thought it was the government ‘printing money’ that was making oil rise?

These article seems to indicate it has to deal with speculation and how much capital in invested in oil.
primo: thats called SPECULATION.

John answers:

It fell because of Goldman Sachs which is weird. From your article

“Oil tumbled more than 3 percent Tuesday after Goldman Sachs warned investors that crude is due for a “substantial pullback.””

James asks…

Will global warming culprits profit by the disaster?

Will corporations who contribute the most to global warming also profit the most when action is finally taken? The big players see “peak oil” coming. I can see Mobile Oil investing in industries to profit from climate change. I can see congress passing sweetheart deals to ensure profits. This is based on the irony that the very banks that caused this financial meltdown are the ones that are rewarded by the US government?

We do have incestuous relationship between big business and big government.

How long will this continue?

John answers:

It was the oil companies who asked their scientists to ‘tone down’ their findings on climate change.

If we become more reliant on renewable energy sources such as wind and wave power there will be less need for oil. The price of oil will then drop. This is not what the oil companies want.

Anyway who said there’s going to be a disaster? There will certainly be changes but nothing we can’t adapt to.

Mark asks…

investing in oil?

how can i invest in oil?i know nothing about investing and i think with todays oil prices it might be a good place to start(seems to me that it just keeps going up!)

John answers:

Well…to answer YOUR question instead of a bunch of yadda- yadda….you simply open an E*trade, or Scottrade account on-line…and buy USO… It’s an exchange traded fund focused on many aspects of the oil biz. It’s up about 30% in the last three months…who knows if it can keep going up?

Richard asks…

Would this off set higher oil prices?

If supply and demand are the main cause of higher oil price then if we increase supply price would drop yes?

so if that is true why dont we drill on American soil and start investing in Oil Shale and Tar sands?

how much oil must be used to make one gallon or oil from oil shale? tar sand?

thank you
meg isnt oil already 138 a barrel?

John answers:

Oil prices are in part determined by supply and demand. However, the price is also influenced by international trading. Oil prices are set in US dollars. The US economy is in a shambles, the dollar is weak, it takes more dollars to buy oil. It’s less a demand problem and more a US economy problem.
As for oil shale and tar sand… I wish the US would start investing some resources behind mining and refining it. The problem is that won’t happen with Bush in office. His family fortune is tied in foreign oil interests. The current mess is adding to his wealth and he’s not about to hurt his own wallet to help the US economy. If obama get in office he is completely against increasing domestic oil production for fear it will make the landscape ugly
Vote McCain if you want to solve the fuel crisis.

Jenny asks…

How Many Liberals and Democrat would be willing to invest their OWN MONEY in Green Energy and Solar Panels?


I invest funds in Oil and Natural Gas all the time…

I want to know if Liberals will now being willing to invest their own money in these childish, feel good/do nothing money pits now the the cat is out of the bag and Government Loans will be cut off for the foreseeable future?

Are any Libs brave enough to say so?


John answers:

Not a single one, and most don’t have any money to invest to begin with, and no illegal substance farms are not really investments

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