Your Questions About How To Invest In Oil

Richard asks…

How do I invest in oil futures?

Just looked up some q&a’s about oil investment.
I want to invest in oil futures and not in the oil companies themselves.
How do I go about doing this?

John answers:

Open a brokerage account with someone that supports commodity futures. There are plenty out there.

Laura asks…

How do you invest in oil as a commodity?

Can you just buy barrels and sit on them indefinitely, or do you have to buy short term contracts that have to be sold at a set date? Can you buy oil through regular online brokerages just like shares of stock? If so, what are the investment symbols used?

John answers:

You can buy and sell oil on the futures market. Speculators must be out of the market before expiration but it is possible to take delivery of crude and store it or send it to your refinery or whatever. You could store it as long as you wanted provided you paid storage fees.

Ken asks…

How Do You Make an Investment Play to Invest In Oil?

Oil has come down from $140 to $40 per barrel. Oil Stocks such as Exxon are down but only a fraction that oil has. I am confident that over time oil will rise quite dramatically. How does one make a long term play in oil prices rising? EXCLUDE FUTURES since with futures you are making two bets, the first that oil will rise and the second that you can predict the time frame.

John answers:

Become president of USA and play in oil business the way you want. No matter price go up or down. You will always remian in profit.

Paul asks…

Can we and how to invest in oil?

Crude oil prices are hitting the roof. As a common man I want to know how i can benefit from this. How can I invest in oil and then make a profit when the price of oil becomes high?

John answers:

Like some said you are involve in oil future rather then buy real crude oil

Carol asks…

How can in invest in oil?

I dont want to buy Exxon and companies that produce/refine it but I want to buy barrels of oil. Can I do this with a scottrade account?

John answers:

USO is pretty close, but has a nat gas component as well. What you really want is a futures account.

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