Your Questions About How To Invest In Gold

Maria asks…

What is Gold ETF? can anybody teach how to invest in Gold ETF?

The Capital Market and Real Estate market are not encouraging at present. Gold is the only asset seems to be profitable at this time.

John answers:

Gold ETFs are Exchange Traded Funds. They are very similar to buying and selling stocks as they are traded in the Stock exchanges. The difference is that the underlying asset will be Gold.

It is true that the commodity prices or on a hike now. You can consider investing in the Gold ETFS now

Robert asks…

how to start invest in gold and silver in uk ?

what is the process to go about ?

John answers:

Try with this broker

Sandy asks…

How do you invest in gold or silver?

I see people saying stuff like i bought an ounce or whatever but I’m still trying to figure out is if they bought stock or a mutual fund or is there something else I’m not understanding. A little clarification would be nice.
Could I have the names of those companies?

John answers:

Some people do buy PAPER gold and silver such as contracts, stocks or ETF’s. I however buy PHYSICAL silver and gold. There is a big difference between PAPER silver/gold and the real thing.

Here is a photo of my store of value of PHYSICAL silver. This photo was taken last October. Today I have more silver, gold and Canadian currency as a hedge then what is in this picture. Http://

You want to start off with a base of physical silver and gold. Once you have a base of physical product then its OK to branch off and buy ETF’s, stocks or paper contracts. When you have physical product in your hands nobody owes you anything. If you hold a reciept somebody owes you something.

There are many companies you can go to to buy silver and gold. I personally use 3 companies and I buy the following products.


Companies I use…..

For Silver Bullion
Monex Precious Metals
4910 Birch Street
Newport Beach, CA 92660
1-800-949-4653 ext 2276

For U.S. $20.00 and all other U.S. Pre 1933 XF and AU gold pieces I use
Patriot Trading Group
1 800 951 0592
they allow to to use a credit card.

For U.S. $20.00 and all other U.S. Pre 1933 XF and AU gold pieces I use
American Gold Exchange
I use this company when not using a credit card as they are cheaper then Patriot Trading Group because they dont have the credit card transaction fees.

Also I use Ebay as well from time to time.

You can always email me anytime if you want more information as to where to go and other information.

David asks…

Is it wise to invest in gold?

I want to save for my future. I often wonder how much the national currencies tend to fluctuate, and therefore began wondering about gold: Is it a better option than just stuffing cash into the bank? Pros and cons? Is it better to buy through the stock market or actual gold bars? Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks for your time!

John answers:

I’m not a big fan of gold as an investment. Although it is a “steady” index, as opposed to currency, gold just does not appreciate at the same rate as the S&P, mutual funds, etc.
That being said, if you STILL want to invest in gold, I would suggest no more than 10 percent of your portfolio contain gold.
You may hear the old adage “An ounce of gold in 1880 could buy a good man’s suit, and in 2007 an ounce of gold can buy a good man’s suit.” By this logic, the an ounce of gold you buy now, in 40 years, will be able to buy you a ….good suit. Whoo hoo.
No imagine if you took the money you would have invested in gold and invested it in an S&P 500 index. The historical return on the S&P is great!
The emerging stock markets, e.g. China and India are going to be the next big players. I’m a betting man, and I’m betting on them to come through for me.
Good luck!

George asks…

How to invest gold in market?

John answers:

Buy shares in the liquid exchange-traded fund GLD.

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