Your Questions About How To Invest In Gold

Laura asks…

How do I invest in Gold, like simple investments of 1 or 2 ounces? What scams should I be awre of with this?

What is the format, whom to purchase gold ounce ect. I am extremely new at investing but I do keep my eye on the various markets.

John answers:

If you have to ask for gold investment advice on Yahoo Answers
then this is not the field for you.
Do your due diligence elsewhere before you get into a risky speculative field like gold.
You do realize that you can lose money as well as make it.

1 Gold (oz.) = 634.960 US Dollar Monday, July 31, 2006

PS: Do NOT get involved with egold as suggested in a post below.
They are only used by online scams who can’t use PayPal, etc
e-gold Ltd. Is a Nevis, West Indies company that is protected by being offshore and if and when they go south there will be nothing you can do about getting your money back.

David asks…

When is a good time to invest in gold?

When is a good time to invest in gold, and how would you do it? Would you buy gold bars and coins or invest in gold stocks? And if stocks, which ones?

John answers:

Some people think that times of inflation are ahead, which would mean it’s a good time to buy gold.

You can buy gold coins or gold bullion, or if you like stocks, check
GG or CEF, which invest in gold.


Carol asks…

How do i invest in gold?

I am feeling insecure about leaving my money on deposit in a high street bank account. I therefore think that buying gold would be a good idea, or perhaps another precious metal/stone. I am an amateur in this area. Is it possible to buy gold and to keep it safely in a bank? If the bank goes bankrupt, will they keep my gold? Can i actually get my hands on the gold so that i could take it with me?

All answers much appreciated!

John answers:

Gold is currently at a record high – you should stay well clear for a while. Once the turbulence in the financial markets has calmed then gold will return to more normal levels.

Mark asks…

How do you invest in gold?

Do you just go to jewelry store and buy a bar or gold and keep it in your closet? or is like other investments where you go through a brokerage but you don’t actually keep the gold with you?

John answers:

Yes buy gold bullion if you would like to invest in gold. You can find these companies all over the us, especially new york. Right now is a waiting peroid, people are just waiting to see whats going to happen with gold because they arent sure if its safe enough to invest in right now due to the economy. The best bet is to look out for the stock quote for gold and monitor any unusual rises or drops. As of now it is not safe at all so dont even bother.

Maria asks…

how to invest in Gold in the form of an equity stock?

Are there any exchange-traded stocks whose prices strictly follow the price of Gold?

John answers:

Yes, there are several gold ETF’s. IAU and GLD are two of them that can be traded as you trade equities. You can even use limit orders on them. Just watch the expense ratio. For more information, go to the AMEX web site and look for ETF.

The alternative is to buy a stock of a gold mining company. There are literally dozens of them, some of the more popular ones being RGLD, ASA, NEM, AUY, GG.

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