Your Questions About How To Invest In Gold

Daniel asks…

I want to get current gold rates in Chennai or Mumbai live on my mobile by sms. How can I get it?

I wish to invest in gold at an optimum rate. But it is difficult to know the current market rate throughout the day and the rate keep fluctuating. How can I get it live on mobile by sms?

John answers:

Aadhil SMS for Live Market Rate of Gold Silver CrudeOil and More
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James asks…

Can you invest in gold without actually buying physical gold? Can you buy a “stock” on the price of gold?

I know you can invest in gold companies but I want to know if you can buy a security that is always alued at the current market price of gold(or proportionnal to it).

Thanks a lot

John answers:

Yes, it would be called gold index.

Here is the wiki entry on them (& other ways to invest in gold):

Be careful if you actually invest – there are plenty of scams out there, so read some independent articles to get an idea of who the reliable players are.

Helen asks…

Gold hoarders: How do you plan to deal with another executive order 6102?

Our dollar is tanking while gold is skyrocketing in price by the day. Most people are investing in gold as it is clear there is a financial meltdown that is looming. For those who are currently hoarding gold, how would you deal with another executive order 6102? Would you leave the country, sell your gold to the state, or protest it? I am kind of fearing if I do manage to convince my family to invest in gold, the government will just reenact once our economy is close to collapsing.

John answers:

First off, they have to know I own it. 2nd, they are going to need a Supreme Court that will allow it. The days of tyrants like FDR illegally seizing private property or incarcerating people because of their ethnicity is over.

Mary asks…

can a home maker invest directly in gold traded funds or should she be only a nominee of some investor?

My friend is a home maker. She doesnt have any other investment other than her savings. She wants to invest in gold traded funds. Someone has suggested that she can invest only as a nominee to an investor who has regular income. Is that true or can she herself invest directly? If she can invest directly what are all the pre requisites?.

John answers:

In India, anyone above 21 who is not of unsound mind can invest. The prerequisites are
(1) PAN number (and PAN card).
(2) A bank account – where the homemaker can be joint holder also (but not as a nominee).
(3) Address proof (PAN card).

For your information these are the KYC (Know your customer) norms insisted by the government to avoid bogus investors.

With the above information, approach any online broker and get started,

Betty asks…

Does anyone know of any good trusted sites to buy gold coins or gold bars?

I am currently looking to invest in gold. I am looking for a trusted site that I can purchase the gold from. I recently found a site that sells gold for cheap, but am a little wary of purchasing from them. And would like to know if anyone had purchased gold recently or in the past and has a site that they would recommend and that they trust.

Thanks in advance.

John answers:

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