Your Questions About How To Invest In Gold

Ruth asks…

I am considering investing in gold, any suggestions?

Does anybody know any good investment web sites i can invest gold on.

John answers:

The easiest way to buy and sell gold is to open a brokerage account and buy the gold exchange traded fund: GLD. Doing it this way, you don’t have to pay 15% or whatever it is that the first guy suggested when you buy actual physical gold, you just pay the brokerage fee just like if you bought a stock. Here’s some more info:

Lisa asks…

Where can I learn about gold and property investment?

I am planning to invest in gold and property and yet I lack the knowledge to do so, where can I learn it online as to prepare myself in the world of investing as I am quite new to it.And to those who perhaps have experience a few tips or pointers is much appreciated. Thank you.

John answers:

Gold investment is a GLOBAL issue. SO i guess u have to keep up with the news at all times…..for alternative investment like real is very much depend on the area u are interested in.
Tips : Only buy properties in the area / environment that u are familiar with it. U have to do alot of analysis before u invest in property……..

Linda asks…

How difficult is it to sell gold by the oz?

If I invest in gold, then want to sell it, how difficult is it to move, and how would a person go about selling gold by the oz or by the kilogram?

John answers:

If you buy a one oz gold wafer from a reputable source you can sell it fairly easily back to them or any other reputable coin/bank/jewelery dealer without much hassle….you just walk into their shop and ask if they are buying gold…show them your goods and get their price…if it is satisfactory you make a deal….don’t forget if you are selling one oz of .9999 gold you will not get the equivalent spot price of gold…it will be 2-5% less probably….these companies are not charities,,,they have to make money on the deal

David asks…

Where can I buy gold bullion or coins in the Edmonton Area?

I want to invest in gold right now and don’t know of any good areas to buy from. Can you all please tell me where I can buy? Thank you for your time.

John answers:

I buy my Krugerrands from a local coin dealer. And I imagine you could do the same up north. I believe your canadian mint, also produces gold & silver coins.

Mandy asks…

What is the price of gold an indicator of?

Looking to invest in gold. If the financial system crashes I would love to be able to support my family.

John answers:

It’s an indicator of the lack of confidence in currency.

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