Your Questions About How To Invest In Gold

Carol asks…

Is it good to invest on GOLD or PLATINUM or on SILVER?

HI All,

I m totally confused on which metal to invest. As the prices keep on increasing day by day, I m really not sure on which metal I should invest the money.

Is it good to invest on Gold or Silver or on Platinum?

I m trying to research on the internet and some say it is not the right time and some say that we can invest.

Please advice. I really appreciate if some one who has good understanding or knowledge on this can respond to my question.


John answers:

Buy gold and silver both. Gold will hit $2000 soon. Of course it will have some correction on the way; but it will come right back up. Indian govt just bought 200 metric tons gold at over $1000/ounce.

Laura asks…

what stocks do you buy to invest in gold?

What are the names of the stocks in which you invest in gold?

John answers:

Do NOT invest in gold, because it is at it’s all time high and is bound to drop. I would invest in other companies that took a hit recently such as Japanese steel comanies or other Japanese companies. Or you could wait until the price of gold drops substantially then invest in it.

Linda asks…

How do I invest in Gold?

I would like to know how to invest in gold and not buying coins from a place like Swise America. I want to invest in ETFs, how and where do I do this?

John answers:

One of the the more “popular” ETFs for gold is the GLD index.

SPDR Gold Trust (ETF)

(FYI this is not a recommendation to buy or sell gold).

Helen asks…

Am planning to invest in gold and wondering whether the price of gold will increase or decrease.?

Planning to invest in gold and wondering the price of the gold will increase or it will come down in 2012. I understand from some of the forums that European economic slow down will create an impact in the gold price. Is that true?

John answers:

Chances are better that gold will decline in value over the next year or two. Look, gold bugs claim that the dollar will become worthless, but the fact is that dollar has strengthened in value against most currencies and gold has declined about 20% already in the last 3 months. Just wait until the economy really recovers.

Nancy asks…

What do you think about investing in gold?

What do you think about investing in gold?

John answers:

Right now according to me its not a good time to invest in gold price is too high it will soon come down

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