Your Questions About How To Invest In Gold

Donald asks…

How can I invest in Gold in Demat form?

I am not sure about but heard that one can invest in gold in demat form, is it true? If yes, how can I do that and which companies offer this kind of services?

John answers:

There are some ETF funds, like reliance gold.
You can invest in it.

Maria asks…

What’s the best way to begin investing in gold?

If you are an experienced gold investor, I would like your opinion on how new gold investors should get started. Also, is this a good time to invest in gold, and what do you think the prospects are over the next year?

John answers:

Gold coins are the way to go. Try this site

To get free tips from Wall Street Professionals and receive reports, charts and strategies on investing in gold.

Mandy asks…

Why Singapore gold price is so much higher than international gold price?

Example today international gold price is US$55 * 1.25 = S$68.75, but Singapore gold price is S$82.50(this price doesn’t include workmanship cost if you buy from the goldsmith). Bank sell at a less higher price. Am I correct if I invest gold in singapore I have to recover these difference before I make a profit?

John answers:

Gold prices are international – 1 ounce of gold worth the same in any part of the Planet Earth. Where did you check your prices? Keep in mind that what change are the CURRENCIES – for example, as I write, GOLD US Spot worth about $1731 but in New Zealand Dollars, $2138.

Also, when you are buying physical gold, there are premiums (costs with shipping, handling, and so on) so you won’t be able to buy at spot at anywhere in the world (as far as I know). Expect 2 to 3 % over spot for cast bars and ingots and 5 and up to 15% for famous brands like Swiss PAMP.


Linda asks…

How do I start investing in Gold?

Hello I live in U.S.A Georgia, and I would like to start investing in Gold… Is there a way I can?

John answers:

I wouldn’t buy gold directly. Try using an ETF. Much easier way to invest in gold. Trades like a stock.

“GLD” is the popular favorite.

Thomas asks…

What is the best way to invest in gold?

What is the best way to invest in gold? Should I get a gold through a broker or have gold coins?

I’ve heard that if I get gold through a broker, it will be compared to the dollar. So if the dollar goes down then the price of my gold would drop. However I’ve heard the safest way to go is to have gold coins.

Is any of this true?

John answers:

If u are a short time investor, then through commodity exchange. For long term buy gold bar. Getting in physical form rises the cost of buying as it includes making charges, taxes etc. Commodity exchanges are safe. You can go for something like gold exchange traded fund, as now popular in India.

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