Your Questions About How To Invest In Gold

Sharon asks…

What is the best way to invest in gold?

How do I do it do I buy some and put it in a bank vault or can I do it through some kind of fund.

John answers:

1) Buy a Sovereign Coin either brand new from the Royal Mint
or 2nd hand from CHARD –
Also available on eBay

2) Buy South African Gold Krugerands

3) Buy Gold bullion

4) Invest in a Gold Mining company such as “Peter Hambro Mining” (POG.L)

Michael asks…

Considering the current and future economy how advisable to invest in gold?

John answers:

Gold should move up but because the dollar is entrenched in gold, I think you will see little to no growth in gold. The dollar is horrid right now because of the debt of the US government and world Economy but is moving higher by default because the other world currencies are worse off.

Buy value stocks with good earning, dividends, and P/E ratios. If you have under 250K buy a CD. If your over 250K by US T_bill because the markets are oversold and we are not anywhere near being out of this recession yet.

Betty asks…

hai i want to invest in gold-etf through online; i have demat account and net banking; how to start?

John answers:

One can invest in gold ETFs just like a equity share. No commodity a/c is needed.

Sandra asks…

How to invest in GOLD?

I’d like to invest in GOLD to hedge and as a long-term investment. But I don’t really want to buy Gold ETFs or (vintage) gold coins from stores. Please recommend reliable banks or brokers in US that can help small investors like me invest in gold.

Thank you. 🙂

ps, I won’t chase the past returns.
Also, does someone know the difference between Gold and Gold Future ?

John answers:

Unless you are investing megic bucks you are better off with etf’s!!!

Thomas asks…

How can i invest in gold? First timer?

I want to start investing and i was told to do it in gold, How can i go about doing it? It would be my first time and i don’t know where to start or how much. Please help!

John answers:

If you really want to get started in buying gold then you need to learn all you can. Start off by listening to the following radio show at this link. Http:// As Im writing this post, the show is on the air. Listen to todays show in a couple of hours when its posted. Todays show has a lot of information packed into 1 hour that most gold buyers never learn in years of investing.

Listen to this show on a daily basis and you will learn all you need to know. As for how much to buy depends on what you want. I personally started off with silver and then moved into gold. I bought 1 coin at a time. It adds up over time.

Email me for more info after you listen to these shows but as I said listen to todays show. Download it and keep it. I will post the link to todays show as soon as its uploaded by the network.

#####Here is todays show#####

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