Your Questions About How To Invest In Gold

Laura asks…

How do i invest in Gold and redeem the money back?

Want to know how to go about buying gold as an investment like where to buy?, how much to invest? Gold is available in how many Grams denomination. And finally when I want to sell it, will I get a same amount as the market rate on that day and will I get the full amount?

John answers:

If you want to hold the gold yourself, you need to go to a dealer. You will generally pay 15 dollars or so above its value, so he can make a profit. You can sell it back at the same place. I don’t remember how small you can go, but 1 once is more common. You can also buy gold mining etf or even gold etf where you don’t actually get the gold, the fund owns it and you own the fund..
Gold is usually a pretty bad investment.

Sharon asks…

How to invest gold in Singapore ?.?

Can we use CPF to buy gold as an investment ? Where to sell our gold chains or rings for better returns. The goldsmith shop offer very low returns. Any website to see the MOST updated cost of gold & silver prices.

John answers:

You must be careful in there. Some one might want to steal from you.

Mary asks…

How much does investing gold actually cost?

I was browsing around for a friend of mine..
he needed to know about the worlds no.1 supposely to be bank, the swiss bank..
then i came across the gold investment thingy they had and kinda got stuck there for awhile..

my question is..
how much does gold actually cost?..
ppl say invest in real gold, its profitable.. is dat true?.. why?.. how?..
if i do buy them from swissbank, how much does it cost + rental on he safe deposit box?..

sorry,, kinda really naive in this field..
wud appreciate it if anyone cud help..

John answers:

Don’t know what country you are in, so rules on owning gold and taxes might be different from what I am used to.


Gold is the universal method of holding and storing wealth.
All currencies are just peices of paper or electronic bits, that depend on peoples willingness to hold them, to keep their themselves, there are as valuable as scrap paper.

Gold is accepted everywhere and there is no dispute on it’s desirability.

Gold is going up in “price” because Governments are devaluating their currency for trade and deficit reasons. So Gold is moving up compared to currencies.

Gold costs whatever two people agree to buy/sell/ compared to the currency traded. On Friday Apr 27 Gold closed at $678.90 USD per ounce,

Gold is used as an insurance policy to insure against catostrophic collapse in financial markets, but It is not necessarily good to “invest in”

You buy 99.99% gold bullion or 99.99% gold coins for insurance against financial upheaval.

You invest in Shares of Gold producing companines,if you think gold is going up in price as the shares of these companies will increase at a higher rate that the actual increase in gold..

The best way to invest in the Increase in Gold prices is to buy a Gold mutual fund. These funds invest in many different gold companies and this gives diversification in this sector.

So If you beleive in Gold, Buy gold company shares or a Precious metals mutual fund.


Donna asks…

Questions about gold investing. How do I invest in gold? What are the tax and legal implications?

I recently received an email for a gold investing website. They offer 25% of each commission when someone you refer signs up for an account and give you a free gram of gold for registering. Basically, you post the URL on your site. For example, mine is . They allow you to buy and sell gold in either dollars, pounds, or euros, and you can store your gold in one of their vaults in either London, New York, or Zurich.

My question is: What if any are the tax and legal implications of buying and selling gold through a site such as this? I also saw a similar arrangement at and am wondering which site is better. I am hoping someone else out there has any information that might help.

Other questions: If you buy and sell gold in the UK or Switzerland, do you have to pay capital gains either in the US or the other country? If you could store gold in either the UK or Switzerland, which is better?


John answers:

Well the best way is to trade Commodities. I have an account with and my broker has done well exposing my account to gold and silver. He always gives me a square deal. Below is the Link. Love your profile.That bullion site seems shaddy

Steven asks…

How do I invest in gold and silver?

Hi, this is a dumb question – I’m new to investing and I want to invest in gold and silver. Do I do this by buying stock in companies or elsewhere? Very basic advice for a 100% beginner much appreciated, thanks for your time!

John answers:

You may take position in Junior mining companies. I do realize the risk is high, but if you have a 5 year+ time horizon and are willing to ride out the ups and downs. I thing the best gold play for you is NAK on AMEX. The silver play is tricky, FLMTF is a good one. Both companies are exploring in the heart of Alaska.

P.S. I own both, NAK for my kid’s 529 and FLMTF is weighted about 50% in my 401K.

Hope this will help.

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