Your Questions About How To Invest In Commodities

Mandy asks…

How to invest in metals and commodities?

John answers:

You can trade an ETF just like a stock, through a stock broker, or you can buy metal bullion or coins through a reputable dealer like Apmex.


Here is a complete list of metals ETF’s

Commodity ETF’s

These lists have grown long; almost too much information. Look for the ones with the best volume.

A couple of good articles on investing in gold and silver ETF’s

How to Invest in Gold, Silver ETFs

George asks…

how do you invest your money?

wherever you invest, share market, commodity, forex, company deposit, bank deposit etc just tell me why you chosen that mode to deposit your money. i want to invest my remaining wealth( i lost huge amount of money in commodity) please advise

John answers:

Mutual funds – s&p500, extended market index, international index, u.s. Bond index.
Why – I have a broad spectrum of u.s. Stocks, international stocks, and finally a safety net of bonds.

Joseph asks…

please give Investment advice?

Please give me anvestment advice im new inverster in BSE/NSE

(1) Which is best investment for maximum return
(2) How to invest in share & Mutual Fund
(3) How to invest in Commodities

John answers:

Sharemarket – share trading will give you best returns
mutual funds you get the application of a particular scheme of a particular fund and tender it with cash/cheque then you will get it done
sorry no idea about commodities

Thomas asks…

Pay down a mortgage, save, or invest elsewhere?

I have 50 thousand to invest. I was thinking of paying down the mortgage, It might be smarter to invest in a physical commodity like silver or gold than use it to make a dent in the mortgage. how hard is it to sell a physical metal?

Where to go from here? Please help

John answers:

In the 70’s -80’s you would’ve paid down your loan, especially with interest as high as 12%, everybody had a steady job…But now… Nobody is certain their job is secure, or if you could find a comparable job to replace it….So…..You need more accessible funds to tide you over.Funds/Shares to liquidate in case of an emergency.
Suzie Orman promotes this, and I agree
Somebody else can tell you what conservative option would work..Bonds..Balanced Mutual Funds,etc.

But anything besides Gold, gold is more a pyramid scheme than a investment..imo.
And expensive.

Michael asks…

Why is Apple’s stock falling?

How long do you see this continuing? I am scared. The whole market is correcting, and stocks are trading at ridiculously low PE. AAPL has about 100billion in cash, and is unable to meet the demand of the market. Even in a bad economy, AAPL products will sell. They don’t seem to be effected by the market falling. Why is the stock falling?
Additional Details
Dude, why would fair value for apple be 300billion? They generate 40-50billion annually. That’s a PE of about 8, which is very low. Please say something meaningful or don’t say it.

I bought 100 shares at 355, 100 shares at 341 and 100 shares at 330. I think I have followed a good strategy. I don’t know what to do if it drops below 310. Apple is investing a small amount of money (small for apple), in more innovation and patent filing. Something is up. How this will effect the stock is beyond me. I have to believe that a company with insane sales, that is considered one of the best companies in the world, which is spending tons of money on hiring people, is a good investment. If AAPL isn’t, than nothing is. I am also invested in commodity oriented companies, and BIDU, along with QQQ. I am losing on everything. I am still up 6% for the year, but am not sure what to do.

John answers:

Well as we all pretty much know the economy and environment around Apple has a lot to do with fluctuating stock prices. I do believe the Iphone 5 is coming out later this summer which should increase your current yield. Just hold in there and if you don’t think they will surpass your 355 etc.. Shares you bought then sell them when they’re up (Iphone 5 release time) then re invest later when the sway back down to a more promising level. Stocks is gambling so it’s all just one big risk. Good luck to ya bro!

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