Your Questions About How To Invest In Commodities

John asks…

doing commodity exchange business is very good for daily earnings?

doing commodity exchange business is good or bad,when it compared to share business.then what is the minimum amount have to invest in commodity,give urs valuable suggestions.

with regards

John answers:

If you study the market for 5 years you might only lose $100 a day instead of losing $1000/day.

Susan asks…

How do you start out investing money in companies?

I am interested in investing in some stocks, fully acknowledging the risks that are associated with doing so. Ideally, I would like to initially start out with investing £500, but I have no idea how to invest in businesses directly, or even indirectly. Can anybody help?

John answers:

Yes spread betting is a great way to make money from rising or falling shares ,Indices,commodities etc ,i have 3 different accounts for more choices,different spreads etc …
For simple share trading –
these are excellent although they do offer spread betting as well ,you need to either complete the online form OR they can send one out to you ..but really its ALL about knowledge about how the markets and manipulations work so visit Amazon ,a good beginners book is High Probability Trading by Marcel Link.
Good luck…

Daniel asks…

With the housing market in such a bad shape and the dollar losing its vaule, what should i invest in?

Gold is now at 800 an ounce.
Oil is at $93 a barrel.
What are good to invest in besides these commodities?

John answers:

You could invest in oil–consider IEO, the Ishares US Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Index fund ETF (exchange traded fund). Last January it was selling for about $44 and change, today it is about $66 and something.

You could invest in the publicly-traded companies of some other countries, where business has been pretty good. There are some good ETFs for them as well. Malasia, for instance, EWM, while down the last couple of days, it has been on a fairly steady upward march especially since late August. It was trading at a little over $8 this time last year and is going for around $13-ish right now. I made some money with it back in January, buying it at about $9 then selling it at almost $11 a few weeks later. Singapore (EWS) did even better, but I didn’t get in on that $10 to $15 ride.

Sweden (EWD) has some interesting properties, but it is more a long-term buy-and-forget thing. A nice steady climb over the past couple of years, better than money parked in the bank, but not a whole lot more exciting.

For real excitement, and I didn’t trust it and missed it, but consider FXI, the FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index. This time a couple of years ago you would have paid about $85 a share for that ETF, its going for about $208 today. Try that with bank interest.

Mark asks…

What is the best alternative to invest my money?

I want to know what is the best alternative to invest or earn money other than creating iPhone applications.Thanks for your attention.Any best answers will be voted.

John answers:

Pretty scant information here.

“Best alternative to invest.” About as broad and general as you could make a question. Are you interested in bonds, options, stocks, cd’s, commodities, foreign instruments, etc? The list is longer than your arm. There are as many hedge funds and mutual funds as there are instruments, and as many ETF’s as there are funds. Another problem with your broad, general question is this: “Best” for whom? Are you young, old, have a lot of money, just a little, do you want high risk, etc.? Again, the questions go on forever.

Your best bet is to get a few books from your local library, do your homework, then if there’s something specific you don’t understand, we can help. But we can’t write a thesis or a book here.

Or type “how to invest first time” in the Search Answers box above.

“Best alternative to earn money.”

This question is asked every day here. Just type “how to make money fast” in the Search Answers box above and you’ll get hundreds of answers.

Maria asks…

i have 10000rs i want to invest in any online business how to start?

i have 10000rs i want to invest in any online business
how to start business ?
where i will get profit ?
where i can invest ?

John answers:

Invest your money in Commodity market, this is the best and easy way to earn more profit on daily basis.

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