Your Questions About How To Invest In Commodities

Paul asks…

What’s in it for companies who teach me how to invest in stock for free?

there are many companies out there who teach you how to invest in stocks, commodities, etc. what’s their interest and why would they do such a thing for free?

John answers:

They hope to benefit by generating commissions if you trade with them.

The free seminars are of little value. The paid courses are often scams. Read a few good investing books instead:

One Up On Wall Street – Peter Lynch
A Random Walk Down Wall Street – Burton Malkiel
The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham

George asks…

What is the best book you have read in the following categories?

Any branch of polotics

John answers:

Money Matters – Dave Ramsey
The Number- Lee Eisenberg
The South was Right -James Kennedy, Ronald Kennedy
Lost Moon / Apollo 13 Jim Lovell {ok it’s a stretch!}
Don’t Let the Jerks Get the Best of You – Paul Meier
Sole Survivor- George Gay
Financial Peace- Dave Ramsey
Hot Commodities: How Anyone Can Invest Profitably in the World’s Best Market – Jim Rodgers
Polarities of human existence in Biblical Perspective- Frank Stagg

Sandra asks…

Tax Help: Estimated Taxes Required for Futures Accounts?

I invest in commodity and financial futures and would like to know whether I need to pay quarterly estimates taxes based on appreciation in my account value at the end of each quarter. This investment can be quite volatile so a gain at the end of Quarter 1 may quickly disappear in Quarter 2. I don’t want to pay taxes that may be refunded eventually.

Thanks for any help!

John answers:

You only have to pay tax on the net results of your trades (gains and losses), not the value of the futures contracts that you hold.

Thomas asks…

Easiest ways to buy into Gold, Silver and other commodities?


Besides buying futures, what other way is there to invest in commodities?

Are there funds that people typically invest in representing these? like etfs?


John answers:

Yes, there are tons of commodity ETFs.

Great list is here:

Ken asks…

How do you invest in crops or commodities?

Like how do you invest in grain or rice or beans or something like agriculture?
And how do you show you own like X-amount of rice?

John answers:

In the ” market”, you never ” own” x-amount of rice…….. ( sheesh !! What if they tell you that you have to keep it at YOUR house !! )

An easy way to invest in ag is with the ETF MOO…..

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