Your Questions About How To Invest In China

William asks…

Do you think gas would be cheaper if the United States didn’t try to take over dark nations or piss them off??

How can the US tell China about Human Rights when the US bombed innocent IRAQ’s and had slavery, Jim Crow laws, and threatens to bomb Iran. Notice that the oil is controlled by dark nations and white nations get charged the most. In Venuzala gas is 12 cents and maybe 70 cents in IRAN. Why does China invest and trade with Africa and white nations colonize and start war with African nations.

John answers:

Gas prices would be cheaper if the corrupt corporations that deal in the fuel trade weren’t in bed with the politicians.

Thomas asks…

For all those who wanted obama in the white house?

how do you like obama now? signing trade agreements that take jobs from americans. telling CEOs to invest in china so china can grow.

John answers:

Obama is a dicktator.

George asks…

How much will your family invest in Communist China’s military through Wal-Mart this Christmas???

Yet China can have NO OTHER future than that of peace and democracy if one listens to the “wisdom” of the day. That Wal-Mart’s daily profiteering from and investing in Communism for two decades, with both Clinton’s help, to avoid living wages at home and undermine American labor, enriching and saving a failed regime that murdered tens of millions of it’s own people to maximize company profit is GOOD for the Chinese people!? This argument is as stupid and insulting today as it ever was and sadly even educated and well-meaning people puke the Hillary line despite all our expense. Wake up please, WAKE UP! Hillary and Bill Clinton, Robson and Jim Walton and David Glass and Lee Scott are traiters and should meet justice and WAL-MART IS AN OPERATING NATIONAL SECURITY RISK THAT MUST BE DISMANTLED! The future of the free world is at stake. If you choose to defend these people then first answer my question. You cant free a slave by enriching the owner so please stop asserting that stupidity!
YAHOO why do you keep deleting this question? If there is even one single word that you can prove is untrue I will retract the whole question voluntarily. So what’s your trip Yahoo? Pro-Communist or just Anti-American?
To those who’s lack of ideas or convictions can only provoke the ridicule of those bold enough to share their ideas, referring to genuine efforts to stimulate debate as “ranting” and such just allow me to invite you to be as useless to the world around you as you choose. Things will get done around, over or through you, you are irrelevant.
WMT paved the road that the rest follow along on. It’s called “Hillary’s Hi-way”. Yes the Bush dynasty is also guilty but who would expext different? Clinton’s betreyal of Labor to enable all this for his friends and personal profit is to me far worse.

John answers:

Not one cent, we have adopted a never spend a penny at Wal Mart policy in our house. The list for why is too long for this forum.

Sandy asks…

How did the Chinese get the purchasing power that they have today?

How can the Chinese afford to keep their cost of Production so low? How did China become the fastest growing economy? Why did the world start investing in China when it all began? How did it all begin?

John answers:

China sets the value of their currency against the dollar, and other world currencies, rather than allowing the market to determine value, like the U.S. There is a limit to how much foreign currency Chinese residents can buy. Also, China uses its foreign exchange reserves to buy US dollar assets. This reduces value of Chinese currency and increases value of dollar.

China “attaches” it’s Yuan currency to the dollar. That means while the dollar will fluctuate or float (increase or decrease in value) China’s currency value only rises or falls, the same as the dollar does. So it’s currency will always be valued less than the dollar.

The advantage of a weak or under valued currency, is it makes your products cheaper to purchase, and creates an unfair trade balance. So Chinese products will always be more competitive against U.S products, sold either in the U.S. Or in China. It also make investments in Chinese markets more attractive. Http://

Susan asks…

when did China start investing in US securities? please indicate websites where i can find it, please. thanks ?

heard recently it’s now the US’ largest creditor (sept 2008, if i’m not mistaken). i’d like to know how it came to that. thanks a million, people

John answers:

The US buys stuff from China. We pay for that stuff in US dollars. The Chinese can’t spend those dollars in China- they use a different currency over there. So the Chinese use those dollars to buy from or invest in America. Lately the Chinese have been buying US Treasury securities, which is US government debt. This is because it’s a safe investment. However the Chinese can use those dollars to buy or invest in anything here in the US.

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